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Today's first posting is a question (I fell asleep last night and just couldn't put the words together for the post a day): Can you have just one soul mate? Is there one person cosmically linked to you in such a way that when you meet kazam the stars align, birds chirp and all things cease to matter outside of the feeling you get with that person? Is it a once in a lifetime occurrence that can't be duplicated and once we lose it we're settling for mere compatibility a la eharmony. It seems dare I say so fatalistic and at the same time completely random.

With the world population reaching the 6.7 billion mark (impressive and scary as hell at the same time) how is it that there is but one person to complete me (did you like how I went all Jerry Maguire) or you for that matter? It would stand to reason that that special someone who without effort gets all my snarky comments and even finds them just as amusing as I could be living on some snow capped mountain in the middle of east bumble hell. Whose to say that when I finally find east bumble hell that he hasn't jet setted off to the sunny shores of Fiji? Do you like how I've made my soul mate some uber rich guy who has the ability to allude me via personal jet (okay so maybe it's a fantasy, hey I like challenges).

But in all seriousness if soul mates truly exist, there would be no challenge right. Our gravitational dodads should work in such a way that our lives are set to merge or collide and create some soulmatey vortex. And if that's truly the case doesn't it take the search out of the mix. Aren't we all in some way consciously or unconsciously trying to find that one man/woman to just get you. No increased effort that person just feels like home.

And that in an of itself freaks me out. I admit it. That feeling of homey-ness feels to much like content and I don't do content very well. I battle with myself because I want to just do more, get more and be better. If I feel content I must be missing something. Because of that as I work my way through this quarter life crisis in stride I wonder if I overlooked a soul mate in my vain attempts to be better and see more, get more etc etc etc. If you read the vigilante bride post I've diagnosed myself as a GGOS (grass greener on the other sider), this same theory applies to men. With that complex you never quite know what you have until it's gone. So maybe way back when I was so head strong (not much has changed in that department) and thought I knew everything there was to know about life (I laugh that I even thought this way, still wanted to be a lawyer-ha) and was dating the GOPG (good on paper guy) I drove him away not realizing that what he possibly represented until maybe years later was "The Guy."

Psycho-analyzing myself eliminates some stress. Oh side note I stole the GOPG from the DC Diva, you should check out her blog. Please remember Diva emulation is the biggest form of flattery. But I digress. De-stressification is good for me, my hope is that my theory is wrong, that there's more than one unique individual for every other person out there. If not I guess I gonna have to break up a marriage and I'm no home wrecker.

P.S check out the poem I wrote which will be the very next post about soul mates

2 Pardon My French:


I believe you can have more than one :soul mate" in your life... or that person who "completes" you. The thing is "shit" happens and for whatever reason, people come & go, die, or whatever...so to say there's only one, I repeat only one person whom is your soul mate... well then that's like finding a needle in a haystack...(don't poke yourself!)

BTW, thanks for the shout...and wonderful words of ... what's the word I'm looking for *tapping my finder*

Wizard said...

You definitely have more than one soul mate on the other hand life is too short to settle for anything less than everything. If you have to break a marriage definitely do it. IF you succeed that marriage wasn't supposed to last anyway if you don't it wasn't your soul-mate. In love and war any means are allowed.
Good luck and search till you find, knock and doors will open you know that ,,,


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