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Happy New Year!!!

Yeah yeah yeah I know it hasn't even reached Christmas yet but I am uber excited for the New Year. If I haven't slipped it into enough postings frivolously let me just come right out and say my friends and I are having a little get together. No it's not a party, its a simple little shin ding for a few people.

Yup people we are gonna get lit up for the new year and probably pass out standing up, just kidding I'm too cute for arbitrary drunkenness besides it doesn't go well with heels. For those out of the know I usually have about three and a half inch heels for most occasions but I might go four just to ring in 09.

Stay tuned I will keep you posted.

1 Pardon My French:

luvinyounow said...

Sounds fun! I hope you have a GREAT time. Don't get TOO drunk lol.


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