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Fairwell South Street Bridge

Waving a ado to a shotty piece of architecture that is a Philadelphia landmark, there is a sense of calm that's come over me. Granted the extra traffic in University City is gonna be a female dog in heat but what will come in just two years will be safety. Fellow Philadelphians don't fret, Market, Chestnut and Walnut streets will all get you from West Philthy to Center City with little to no problems. Who am I kidding...during rush hour the congestion will be worse than the Schuylkill (yes this is a word pronounced skoo-kul) at noon on a Saturday.

And just for the traffic gods out there, where the hizzy is everyone going midday on Saturday? In my defense, I'm usually running errands on Saturday at 12ish (if not sitting in a salon chair) but I can't imagine every single Philadelphite is also running to the grocery, or laundry mat or simply the closest Walgreens for some pepto to coat a stomach of alcohol from the evening of absolute debauchery, oh maybe that was just me again.

It's a good thing the city or maybe it's the federal government came to their senses before some troop of bikers collapsed to I76 below and were monstered trucked by the traffic. Rumor has it that the whole kitten caboodle is gonna cost in the neighborhood of 162m. Yup that's a ginormous number but at least that means some construction and iron worker guys will have steady work for the next two years.

Hello economy pick me up, just for the city really, but I can be selfish that way because I am a Philadelphian. Ha-ha besides winning the World Series, (somewhere in hell an ice rink formed) that's the first time in a long time we can say that with a little sense of pride. Yes sir, I shed a tear.

OK, I don't want to make it seem like Philadelphia is such a horrible place to be, I mean there are some cool things beside the decaying bridge. Hey it's the birthplace of American freedom and you can come here and see the Liberty Bell, pick up a cheese steak with wiz from Genos or Pats (one of those touristy places that real Philadelphians don't go) visit South Street with it's miss mosh of stores and people, run along the Schuylkill river on Martin Luther King Drive (formerly known as West River Drive) or partake in a lovely museum.

It's a ratty little loveable place with rudely exciting people, but I call it home and dare I say love it. So bye bye South Street bridge with your cracks and look of utter collapse with ever winter wind. You will be missed.

1 Pardon My French:

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I have all my post drinking remedies in stock in my medicine chest- it pays to be prepared.


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