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This Week's Joy: My Blogging Clique

I Love Blogging!!!!!!

Yesterday I woke up feeling blah. It happens from time to time. I’m still working my way through emotional ish about work, the Spaniard and my family. Yesterday the weight of the world sat on my shoulders or at least that’s how it felt and instead of my normal routine after waking I picked up my laptop and began perusing some of my usual blog suspects.

Scanning my blog roll I noticed that Nydgo and Lotus B had new posts. In my gloom I let my fingers take me into someone else’s reality to escape mine for a second. This is one of the things I love about reading blogs. Blogs allow me to live for a brief time in someone else’s skin. In that skin I experience new things as well as confirm some of the ish in my own life. That skin validates some of my life experience and from time to time provides new perspective on similar situations.

Women are deep puddles…I am not adrift alone… those gems dropped from Nydgo made me think about how supportive my best friend has been of late. She’s listened as my heart contradicts my mind about boys and family with no judgment and her most clever jokes to date. It’s keeping me grounded.

It’s just a simple twist of fate that we are who we are and that we have what we have… indeed! Lotus B preached to me through wordpress. And it’s so effing true. The biggest difference between me and that guy last night who asked for a dollar isn’t my fantabulous education or my inclination at stringing some words together or my ability to razzle dazzle a group of people during presentations, vain much. Dollar Dude and I are the same with different circumstance! What I walked away with, smile for the small things that are going right in your life and try not to dwell on the negative.

So this week’s joy: My Blogging Clique (in my head) in no specific order:

6 Pardon My French:

DaBossBitch said...

Oh! I'm so happy to be on the list. And isn't it great to know people read b/c they want to know what's going on in your life unlike your friends who have to listen no matter what by default? Love escaping my world into yours too!

Ndygo Sunshyne said...

hands clasped
slight bow of the head

you provide the same service to me & in my mind you've become 1 of my friends. (i was slightly saddened not being able to call you when i came to philly last weekend.) i'm honored to be considered worthy of anyone's time for the same reason DaBossBitch stated, & i thank you for puttin me on to her too.

thank you so much for this. (& secretly jealous you beat me to it because i've intended to do this as well.)

cardiogirl said...

Aww yeah!

I know. There's no order here (nods head, raises her eyebrows and gives a knowing smile) and these are simply written in random order.


I think bloggers sort of live in a different world in that people who do not read or write blogs just cannot understand what all the fuss is about. Like you, I absolutely LOVE having a peek into another person's life sometimes it offers validation and sometimes another point a view but it provides me with a nice sense of community.

It also works well with my real-life antisocial behavior. No need to talk to anyone else since I can chat with my clutch dawgs whenever I want.

Thanks Faith, I really enjoy reading about your world, too. But I gotta say sometimes I want to ring the Spaniard's neck.

Luvvie said...

Thanks for including me in this, chica! You're mighty dope. Sometimes, a break is needed to clear your head. Don't feel any sort of way. I just took an impromptu 6-day hiatus. It be's like that sometimes.

Sidenote: Looked over at your blogroll. For some reason, it's showing that the las time I updated my site was 3 wks ago. Maybe you re-adding me will fix that feeds problem.

Chaotically Calm said...

@DBB, yeah I think that sometimes friends just listen because they feel obligated not because they're truly concerned. It's nice to know that some people are reading because they are truly interested in your life. It makes me smile.

@Ndygo, Where did you hang out when you came to town? Did you salsa pass cuba libre? Anywho when you showcase your blogging clique I won't even act like I did it first, ha ha.

@CG, seriously there list is in no particular order! You wanna ring the Spaniard's neck. That's an understatement. In the past few months I've wanted to break his kneecaps with a baseball bat but I know that's not the answer or at least that's what I keep telling myself, LOL.

@Luvvie, yeah not sure why the blogroll was doing that weirdness. I've updated and now the feed is A-OK.

David Miller said...

I guess this is the reason why Blogging is so popular now, we get to see lives from so many different perspectives, meet so many cool and uh.. interesting people :D


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