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Weekend Update: Second Dates and Nights with the Girls Part II

I was feeling slightly tipsy when I left the bar, way irresponsible I know. Since I hate waking up with alcohol on the tummy I decided to stop at the Wawa on Germantown Avenue in Mt. Airy to grab something quick to coat my stomach. Believe me the Wawa is a regular meat market after last call, not my intentions for going but eye candy is nice at any time of day or night.

There were a couple of cuties I saw giving me the eye when I was ordering my food but I didn’t pay it any mind. I quickly grabbed my slip from the counter and went to pay for my items. Mr. Late Nite was in front of me in the line. He turned around, nice shoulders, and said, “Damn you smell good. What is that you have on?” Never one to disappoint a fan I responded that I was wearing Chanel Chance. He said something like he was going to add it to his personal memory because it smelled amazing! Spank him kindly.

When I went to the counter to retrieve my sandwich Mr. Late Nite was still standing there. He started asking the usual questions one ask when he wants to secure another’s phone number. I began tabulating in my mind whether he could be added to the roster of summer potentials. My decision, yes for those shoulders alone he could gain admittance on the island.

Mr. Late Nite walked me to my car so we could exchange numbers. For whatever reason I’d left my cell in the car. Once at the car, I could see Jon B was calling. Probably checking to make sure I’d made it home, so sweet. Anywho I picked up the phone because I didn’t want Jon B to think I’d careened off the side of the road. Mr. Late Nite was quiet while I chit chatted and asked Jon if I could give him a buzz once I was settled and in the house.

After I hung up, Mr. Late Nite asked who I was talking to, to which I responded, some dude. I’m not into lies people and I don’t owe either one of these gents anything. Mr. Late Nite said he liked how smooth I handled the situation and respected me for not lying. Why lie? Either way we exchanged numbers and I made my way home. By the time I got settled it was around 2:30ish. I called Jon B back, promises must be kept, and we talked until about 4. By that time my eyelids were heavy and I had to get some sleep to prepare for ladies weekend.

Friday was packed with an ish load of errands. I woke up and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom while I waited for The Little Brother to come home with my car. I finished reorganizing my room, you know de-Spaniardizing. Once The Little Brother was home I made my way to the hair salon to get my do tossed. Side note my hair is on a growth spurt and I like it. I was slightly annoyed that my stylist was overbooked and I ended up waiting for several hours, the usual but for whatever reason I was irked.

After leaving the shop I headed down to the Urban Outfitters on 36th and Chestnut to see if I could pick up something cute for the night. Originally the Best and Nurse friend decided on Cuba Libre in Olde City but to be honest I wasn’t feeling salsa all night long, papichulos yes salsa no! In any event I was able to convince the girls that a nice low-key night out was far better. We agreed to go to Copacabana on 40th & Spruce. Side not I didn’t even wear the outfit I picked up out that night instead I opted for an oldie but goodie from my closet.

At first Copa was looking dead. I almost regretted my not so subtle suggestion of forgoing Cuba Libre. Once we got to the door we realized it was in deed in rare form inside, great! The doorman was giving me the eye but I wasn’t returning the favor. Sorry friend just not my type but he was nice and he carded us so my still looking under 21 card is still in effect, fantabulous!

The music was knocking; this is slang for good, carry on. The DJ spun a good mix of oldies and new school hip-hop and r&b. The vibe in Copa was nice. I ordered my signature and my friends ordered there’s. We were partying with our best friends, Vodka and Rum. Sometimes that’s all you need. Mid way through the evening Pretty Skin (PS) asked if he could join our trio.

My initial reaction was to blow him off because this was in fact girls night out but I had to remind myself, quickly, that it is also the summer of men. I didn’t want to be a cock blocker. Not to mention the man is easy on the eyes. He’s not what I would call a charmer but he did make me laugh a bit especially when Nurse Friend refused to shake his hand. He asked her if she was protecting herself from H1N1. Y’all know I have issues with shaking as well however I was fully prepared to anti-bacterial my hands once he left.

For whatever reason Nurse Friend was being a bit of a ball buster, not typically her lane. We reserve the busting of balls especially for The Best Friend. But I guess everyone has her night. At some point during the conversation that ice wall Nurse Friend was building came tumbling down. Could it have been the Vodka, one never knows. She was most definitely feeling a little nice because when PS asked her the best part of her former relationship she said the SEX. I almost spit out my drink for laughing so hard. No shocker to me being her friend and all but I was real horriprised sort of like seeing your grandparents knocking knees that she even said something like that to him.

Eventually PS asked if he could get my number. Before he revealed his little secret I was all ready to pony up, if he was in fact interested in me. There were three of us at the table all equally attractive; I can’t be that vain chick to think every guy wants me. In my mind they do but that is beside the point.

Anywho the man’s skin was glowing. I mean his skin was so smooth and so medium chocolate-esque I considered touching his face but I thought it might be rude. The Best Friend just came out and said something like you know your skin is gorgeous. She ain’t never told a lie! In any event I took his number to mull over if I can deal with his issue before he left us to return to his friend.

My highpoint of the night was when Nurse Friend stormed back to the table from the bathroom. As it turns out some sloppy whores where screwing some dude in the ladies room. Side note they could have been doing lines but me doubts it from the way they walked out, no eye contact after The Best Friend knocked on the door po-po style. Pretty Skin offered to watch the door while Nurse Friend used the men’s room. Now wasn’t that nice of him, trying to earn brownie points!

5 Pardon My French:

Ndygo Sunshyne said...

1st, I feel eerily like I just slipped into your skin or you into mine. I lived walking distance from that WaWa in the summer of 2004 & frequented it almost daily. The Crown (chicken) down a little further was reserved for those nights when we uhhh...blew a little more than bubbles.

2nd, I'm kinda upset you didn't go to Cuba Libre. I was just in Philly a couple weeks ago for the Bestie's birthday & we missed Cuba Libre for dinner & got there just in time to NOT want salsa, like you. If you had gone, maybe I could've lived vicariously through this post. Thanks for nothing!

3rd, horroprising is classic.

4th, & finally, how dare you NOT tell us what Pretty Skin's issue is? I see you witcho cliffhangers. You ain't right!!

cardiogirl said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gingah. Gotta know the issue. I actually re-read from:

Before he revealed his little secret...

thinking I missed the secret. You will elaborate, right?

This was *such* a classic Faith post -- most excellent.

Spank him kindly.

The music was knocking...

... real horriprised sort of like seeing your grandparents knocking knees

Thank you for being you.

Ice Cold said...

Yo, your summer is heating up! I like the way things are going for you.

I'm always being told how nice the clubs are in Philly, but I have yet to go. Perhaps I'll take my friend up on an offer.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Okay, I have comments, but you left us hanging on PS' secret. What gives...?

The summer of men, (smh) that sounds like the title of a romance novel. And the names you give people are great!

Horriprised... I love it!

Chaotically Calm said...

@Ndygo, LMAO then you know I ain't never told a lie. Wawa is always popping around 2:30ish for all those clubbers who need to coat their stomachs from the alcohol. Sory I couldn't help with the Cuba Libre thang but no worries the summer is young. You gotta keep reading to get Pretty Skin's issue. It's coming this week I promise.

@CG, Nope you didn't miss the issue I haven't blogged it yet. No worries it's coming this week I promise.

This post felt like home to me, if that makes any sense. I am writing out the kinks since my hiatus. It's coming along but I thinks I'm almost there. No thank you for being you, cleverly observant blogging buddy!

@Ice Cold, yeah the summer is getting hot and I'm not just talking about the weather. You should def come through Philly we have a lot to offer, just know that everything closes at 2 except for some hood after hours spots and Palmers.

@La'Tonya, don't you worry his secret will be revealed this week. Yeah the summer o men does sound like one of those books they sell in the supermarket. Maybe I should change the name, nah it is what it is!


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