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Weekend Update: Second Dates and Nights with the Girls Part I

This will be the summer of men no doubt. If you speak these things into the universe sometimes the universe will give you what you want in return. Someone up there is smiling down on me….and I likes it!

So I had a double booking on Thursday night. An early test the waters with Argyle Freak and a late night chit chat with Jon B. I was looking forward to both for different reasons. To get up to speed read the prior post.

As luck or fate may have it, Argyle was way late getting back to me about what time we should meet up so I cancelled our plans in my mind. By 9PM it was entirely too late to squeeze him in before Jon B. Jon B and I were tentatively scheduled to meet for drinks at 11PM. Around 9:40ish Argyle sent a text message about just joining him at his house…hmm late night with Shemar Moore look-a-like probably not the best first date experience. Wander didn’t raise no hussies round these parts.

Immediately texted Argyle back and let him know I made other plans because he’d gotten back to me too late in the day. Clearly he was on his period because he threw a small tantrum. Men with women’s mood swings aren’t attractive however did I tell you how a-freaking-mazing Argyle’s body is…concessions can be made. After his b*tch-fit subsided we agreed to meet up Tuesday. Side note I am strongly considering kicking this one off the island though. I mean there is but so much concession in me and well, this is the summer of men. He is one amongst.

Jon B got stuck at work later than anticipated, I truly dislike waiting for people, and we didn’t end up meeting until 12:30. Did I forget to mention that Benson (my cat) destroyed the orange sweater I was going to wear? Part of me wanted to kick the cat but I decided against it.

Anywho we met at the Tavern on the Hill in Chestnut Hill. I ordered my usual, vodka and cranberry with a splash of pineapple. It is my signature drink. Jon B ordered Absolut on the rocks no chaser, a man’s drink. Granted I hadn’t had much food, when it’s hot outside I tend to eat less food it makes me hot or something, but my damn was that drink strong. After a few sips I was feeling a little too nice. I decided to nurse it for the rest of the evening as to not sound borderline retarded while holding conversation with the man.

We conversed about a number of things in particular legalizing drugs, great date convo I know. We debated the pros and cons and came to a general consensus that if alcohol is legal, also a drug, then why not open the lid on controlled substances. One of the early benefits of legalizing drugs would be a swift decline in the crime rates, mainly because trafficking won’t be considered a punishable offense. Two, there is already a market of highly intelligent salesmen and women to continue distribution. Three, and this is the one that should have wayward politicians skeeting in their seats, we could solve a lot of the social ills with the taxes collected from the sale and distribution of said controlled substances. I’m just saying, please don’t hate me for my politics. Consider this, you can never solve a supply and demand problem by attacking the supply.

Slightly before 2ish the barkeep yelled for last call. I was still nursing that extra strong drink and Jon B was yawning something vicious, not because of me but he’d worked a 13hr shift. We parted ways with a hug and his casual we should do this again soon. Hmm I’m feeling friendzone at this point, what do y’all think?

4 Pardon My French:

cardiogirl said...

Argyle Freak has just graduated to playah in my mind. I guess you should give him another chance but if he expects you to be at his beck and call he can just take his torch and leave right now.

So you're getting friend vibes from Jon B? Did he wear a hat -- what's the consensus on the potential balding? And I still sense huge red flags about him supporting the ex's kid. I think there are ties to the ex and that's his way of trying to get back in.

Proceed with caution on both of these men.

Ice Cold said...

You're doing the right thing at this point. You still gotta feel things out. If this is "the summer of men" then take your time. There's a long road ahead.

The Jon B thing probably feels friendzone - ish b/c you guys haven't done anything relationshippy (yes, this might be a word - or not).

Monique said...

Argyle sounds like a jerk. I mean seriously, who calls that late and then has a tantrum when his wishes can't be met. I can see why you are considering throwing him off the island. I guess a better decision can be made after Tuesday.

Chaotically Calm said...

@CG, Argyle is definitely a player, believe me I am hip to his game. There is no wool over my eyes about him. Side note he's become way less attractive the more I find out about him.

Oh and Jon B there's a big ole caution sign around this man for more reasons than one.,,,

@Ice Cold, you speak the truth. Technically the summer is just getting started so there is a lot of road to travel.

Relationshippy, totally a word....or not! I think a day date is in order to really determine if this has potential to go somewhere else...but our schedules are in major conflict :(

@Monique, yeah I think some of that sezy has seeped into his brain. He's fallen for his own hype!


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