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Argyle Freak

As I mentioned this summer is going to be the summer of men. OK maybe I didn’t mention the summer of men; maybe I told Nurse and Model Friend about the summer of men, whatevs consider this the formal notice!

In an effort to maximize my seven-day vacation I packed a ton of fun things into the week. As a result I’m now double booked! Double bookings are not uncommon in the world o’ singles. Considering I’m slightly rusty dare I say out of practice navigating out of the double booking is becoming quite tricky. Feelings could get hurt, not to mention ruin my free dinner invites in the recent future.

My dilemma is simple. I like Jon B. We’ve chatted it up all week since date numero uno. He’s…mature. Now I know that’s not typically something that people swoon over but I genuinely enjoy hearing his perspective on things. He’s really mellow and I like that. Oh did I mention the butter smooth voice, booyah! He wants to do late night din din with drinks tonight after he gets out of work….I wanna go blog friends.

On the flip side of the house is Argyle Freak. Now I wasn’t too sure about this one early on. Officially we haven’t had our first date due to some scheduling conflicts but he’s sezy. Now when I say sezy I mean if Halle Berry and Shemar Moore had a love child he would be it. His body, A-freaking-mazing! He looks great in round the way boy clothes and a suit, hence the Argyle part of his moniker. He definitely gets the blood pressure elevated but me-thinks he’s in it for the a$$. Not my style friend so I’m leery, but can’t deny very very curious.

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought her back right!

WWOFD aka What Would Old Faith Do, in my dating past I would schedule an early day date with Argyle Freak and late night dining with Jon B. My first reason for this, I trust myself more during the daytime in public places. Second, if Argyle Freak lives up to his name and I have to deliver a quick shot to his Johnny Rockets I’d want to end the night in buttery voice bliss with Jon B. This seems 100% practical to me.

3 Pardon My French:

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Doubling it up... you're young, free and have a lot of energy! Girl do your thang! Your reasoning sounds on point to me.

I can so visualize Argyle Freak, love child of Halle and Shemar. Mmm sounds sezy just thinking about it!

cardiogirl said...

Okay, this is how savvy I am. I thought double booking meant you did those two things at the same time.

Like you went on a group date with Argyle and Jon B. I know, it doesn't make sense and then you further clarified which helped immensely.

I am not a risk taker and would be super nervous that date #1 would run long (or I would *want* it to run long) and then I'd have to make some excuse to get to date #2. I'd have a hard time switching gears.

But if you can handle it you're killing two birds with one stone and maximizing your time. Go forth and double book.

Chaotically Calm said...

@La'Tonya, that man is deliciousness walking but at the same time that much sezy leads me to wonder about him. I'm sure I ain't the only thing digging his cuteness. Say a prayer for me though I'm not as young as I used to be, LOL!

@CG, the double booked thing also kind of a sure fire you'll have at least one date in case someone cancels. In this case I ended up not going out with Argyle because well he threw that tantrum and I'm not that sure about him.


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