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Weekend Update: Roller Coasters, Driving Tests and More Broken Promises…

This is a picture of the El Toro

This weekend was way low key compared to the drama of last weekend.

After slapping the guilt on thick The Little Brother and Sister “convinced” me to go to Six Flags Great Adventures. I hadn’t been in years and honestly there was no thrill in me to go again. I know I probably sound like a humbug (if this were Christmas) but I just had no desire to walk the crowded park, pay ridonkulous amounts of money for subpar food and wait in endless lines for a 5 second thrill. Even with that feeling welled in the pit of my stomach I threw on my best amusement park outfit, donned a half hearted smile and drove the distance.

I would like to thank Google Maps for getting me lost in some podunk town on the outskirts of Trenton. Luckily the Whatevertown Police provided much needed assistance and renewed my dampening faith in police officers in general (that would be the bright side). Even with being a half hour or so out of the way, credit no doubt to janky directions, again many thanks Google Maps, we landed at the park just 15-30 minutes after opening with empty Coke cans in hand.

If you bring Coke cans during the week you get a bogo (buy one get one free) which is all types of wonderiffic because those friggin tickets cost $55 bucks a pop for adults and $25 for tots.

Once inside The Little Brother, Sister and Roller Coaster Partner (The Little Sister’s friend) bee-lined it to the flash-pass line to see how much additional it would cost to avoid the endless lines at the coasters. After thinking it over deciding $33 bucks a piece to avoid lines wasn’t the best deal we headed into the park. Completely unexpected, I had a ball. We rode every coaster the park employed besides the ones that had taken a siesta for the day. Absolute favorite and the only one that got a scream out of me, El Toro…I do have a thing for all things Spanish.

Roller Coaster Partner swears while riding The Bull I said something like shut the f*ck up but honestly that doesn’t sound like me. Although I can’t take full responsibility for the words that come out of my mouth during fits of sheer fear. Sorry but I can’t.

We left the park close to quitting time tired but happy. On Saturday morning I woke early to take The Little Brother to treatment and take the Little Sister for her driving test. Fortunately for what’s left of my blood pressure and my sanity she passed. I couldn’t watch, too anxious as if I were sweaty palmed behind the wheel as some random person decided my driving fate. Somewhere in the back of the Little Sister’s mind she probably thinks this means she will have unfettered access to my car, it does not.

Later in the day I had plans with Mailroom Boy at the State Park. Unfortunately my stylist (as to be expected really) was beyond booked. To make a long story way short I didn’t leave the shop until 6:30PM which wouldn’t have been that bad if I didn’t actually want to go and see what the State Park bbq was talking about (that’s slang for see if the party was good, carry on). Not to mention Mailroom Boy is going to start to think I’m a bit of a flake as I continue to make and break dates with him. He said not to worry about it. After leaving the salon I headed back to my mom’s house to pick up my sister and speed racer over to the nail salon. By the time I got home it was close to 9:30PM and I hadn’t actually done anything remotely fun but I was damn drained. As I toyed with the idea of going out that night I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until Sunday morning.

Even with a 30pt handicap we demolished the other team and remain number one. OK we won the last two games of a three game series and this included them bringing a ringer. I bowled pretty poorly in all honesty thank goodness for teamwork. My mind was in too many places to fully concentrate on bowling. Mailroom Boy invited me out later than night to “celebrate” both our bowling victories which I initially accepted forgetting about my True Blood obsession. I called later that evening and cancelled. Are you seeing a pattern?

In any event I had a seriously scandalicious dream about Mailroom Boy….what is my subconscious trying to tell me? Although True Blood is rather sexually explicit so I like to think my mind was simply combining the last thing I saw with the last man I spoke with that night….are you buying that?

3 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

YeeHaw! I love roller coasters!

Oh, no, a new driver. I'm steering clear!


mr. nichols said...

Looks like we were on the same page with hitting up the theme parks. I do feel sorry for Mailroom Boy. Even with the dream, they say the people in our dreams really represent other people so he's still not feeling the love.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, yeah new drivers are def a hazard to the road...they should have their own lanes like the people who drive super slow on the expressway.

@Mr Nichols, that's right just call me Ms Great Adventures, unexpected fun is always the best!

I didn't know that about dreams...makes me wonder who he was standing in for. He really isn't feeling the full blown love...some days I like him and some days I don't. It's really the story of my life.


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