A Quarter Life Crisis

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Week in Review: Unexpected Phone Calls, Lingering Doubts and Not So Friendly Skies

This post will be short and sweet because I’m on vacation and well that’s just it. If you don’t like it lump it.

Why did the Spaniard call me from an unrecognizable number?

Why did I answer and not hang up?

Why did he tell me he missed me and that his cousin died before the wedding, fell off the roof the day of the ceremony (I told him I didn’t believe him)?

Why do I sort of miss him?

Why am I mad at myself for feeling this way?

Why do emotions betray logic?

Why did the TSA worker make my morning by hitting on me when I was wearing a scarf (he was cute & the vacation is starting right)?

Why did the Russian Mafia chicks on the plane refuse to turn off their cell phones?

Why did Chunky Baby’s Mom have to ask the Russian Mafia Chicks on the plane to turn off their cell phone shortly before take off?

Why did half of the Russian Mafia chick lean her frigging chair all the way back while I was trying to finish work (oh yeah I was still doing work while officially off the clock)?

Why did Fat Dude near the window begin sending text messages mid flight (clearly he missed the memo)?

Why was Chunky Baby making swoon eyes at me all flight (he has baby rolls so cute)?

Why did London Badunkadunk put her arse in my face…granted she didn’t do it purposely but still spandex-ed ass isn’t what I want to see when I turn my face?

Why did London Badunkadunk’s Husband get a serious feel on mid flight that I caught out of my peripherals, ugh…this could be jealousy…not because I wanted him to feel me up but because it must be cute to be married for what 10+ years and still have a hubby that wants to cop a feel regardless of who sees?

Why did we hit turbulence shortly before landing and why did Random First Class Chick decide that was the best time to use the ladies room?

Why didn’t any of the flight attendants stop Random First Class Chick…could it be the first class status because we coachers were told to stay seated the plane was landing?

6 Pardon My French:

ettarose said...

I give. Why did he and why did you? Spill it. When you get back of course.

cardiogirl said...

The answer to all of these questions is: they hadn't had their coffee yet.

Why are you mad at yourself for feeling this way? You hadn't had your coffee yet.

Why did the Russian Mafia chicks on the plane refuse to turn off their cell phones? They didn't get their usual Starbuck's.

Why didn’t any of the flight attendants stop Random First Class Chick...? They were out of French Roast.

It's the coffee.

mr. nichols said...

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say the answer to all of these questions is the recession.

Hilarious post. Love the names you pick for random people. I hope you have a great vacay and look forward to your return to here the continuation of this saga.

ReformingGeek said...

Thanks for the giggle. I love people-watching on the flight. People are just plain crazy. Their brains are off but of course their phones are still on. Go figure.

I love it when Girly-Girl-Bimbo opens fingernail polish mid-flight. Cough. Cough. Gag.

As for the Spaniard, you said. There is no relationship between logic and emotions.


Workaholic...stop working on vacay...

Chaotically Calm said...

@etta, In my own defense I felt like I was sooo over the situation but that was because I hadn't talked to him or seen him since the incident. He called from Tunisia but he was using a number with a local area code so I assumed it was one of my managers calling. Unfortunately it was him and I don't know I listened to what he had to say until the anger monkeys welled up and I just said don't call me again. But I still sort of want him...not good on so many levels. This is why I don't like Emotions they are stupid stupid people.

@Cardio, I think you might be on to something. Although the Russian Mafia CHicks were just the pits. And to make matters worse they were on the plane back to Philly. Luckily I wasn't seated behind them.

Next time I get a call from He Who Must Not Be Named I am going to say leave me alone I need a cup of java before I can deal with this, LOL!

@Mr Nichols, the recession, it seems to be going around right. It might just sum up all of my problems really.

@Reforming, can I quote you on FB, there is no relationship between Logic and Emotions...seriously these two need a blind date or something because I am not well equipped in emotions. Logic and I are pretty friendly though maybe I should introduce the two.

@Diva, yes yes yes I know I need to put the laptop away...but in my defense work is pretty much my life I have trouble detaching. Of course if I detached completely I would have missed some important business.


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