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Weekly Rant: Children for Sale….Debbie Rowe Back At It Again

For someone who never wanted to be a parent Debbie Rowe sure is benefitting from it, and I’m not talking about the tax break. Honestly the thought of having children with Michael Jackson, before he died and became some sort of super savior, made my skin crawl, literally not figuratively but only because I found MJ to be a repulsive ass bandit. Hey love the music not the man. I mean I’m just saying….I know it’s wrong to speak ill of the recently murdered but it is what it is. Would you have left your eight year old son alone with the Gloved One and Bubbles (does anyone know what he did with the monkey) for any extended period of time? OK so point taken right.

But I am moving away from the initial purpose of my post, the child selling whore the lovely ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. She leaked the secret sauce in 2004 that dear sweet Michael Jackson wasn’t the biological father (was there any doubt in your mind) of her tickets to fortune and fame precious children only to be silenced by more money. Some sort of additional ex spouse support because clearly it wasn’t enough to take the 8million deal to slip into the night and never be heard of again. So I presume it shouldn’t be shocking that as the casket closes the glint of dollar bill signs rise yet again for Ms. Rowe. Of course in her defense she never wanted children, she was simply the vessel with which to impart the gifts. Debbie mentioned that once the doctors pronounced her utterly barren following the birth of Paris Jackson, Michael John Hancocked the final paperwork to dissolve the marriage.

One wonders if folks never consummate their marriage if you can even call it that. Personally Michael Jackson besides his alleged affinity for little boys appeared to me as one of those a-sexual types, more interested in grabbing his crotch than using it.

What we are left with now folks is the custody battle to end of all custody battles. I wonder if Katherine is up for the fight. Sources, the truth of this hasn’t been confirmed and Debbie Rowe denies it, indicate that the Breeder would be willing to accept an additional 4m to drop all her claims. Interesting, particularly because had the previous judge at the time of the 8m child auction allowed Debbie to dissolve all parental rights as she requested Katherine might not be in such a pickle.

Hey if all else fails the children will be in good hands with the diva, Diana Ross. She can teach them how to smuggle weed through the airport.

And this brings me to my point (took a minute to get there but you know how I am), WTF? Yes I had to say that. In my opinion (notice I prefaced this, it is my opinion) Debbie Rowe, if the reports are true 8m to release parental rights, undisclosed spousal support and possibly an additional 4m to relinquish the same parental rights from the prior deal, is a money hungry whore. And when I say whore I mean someone who is willing to set aside principles or personal integrity in order to obtain something (money in this case). Why upset the monkey cart these children call lives and try to yank them away from the freaks they call family. Granted the Jacksons are the only people the children know and familiar freaks are better than a mother, and I use that word loosely, willing to sell them to the highest bidder.

And if The Breeder’s a whore Michael Jackson was as dirty as a street peddler for getting in bed, well not literally folks, with such a revolting pig. Not that Debbie is in any way to blame for his behavior they both equally repulse me for this child auction. However, although Michael may have been the moving force without the vessel there would be no children. Money truly does make the world go round.

Of course, I could be being too harsh. Maybe The Breeder is no worse than a struggling college student who sells her eggs to an eager couple. And just maybe Michael Jackson was a misunderstood oddball due to circumstances beyond his control.

IDK but I am off my soapbox for today, what are your thoughts?

3 Pardon My French:

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I do think Debbie Rowe is a money hungry, opportunistic, what you called her! If she so wanted her children why not try to visit them before now? It's all about money.

No matter what type of life they've led so far, behind the veil of craziness, it's still all they know. She should leave them alone, no pun intended!

cardiogirl said...

Ay chihuahua! This is such a train wreck it's not even funny.

Unless I'm not clear on the first deal, I do not understand how she can try to come back in after she legally gave up her parental rights. Didn't she sell off those rights when she accepted $8 million?

Also, it makes me wonder if she would have no rights had she allowed MJ to adopt the kids. I mean isn't that the same thing? Don't the birth mother and father give up all legal rights to the child?

Obviously this is a mute point, since MJ's gone and the custody is an issue. I just don't get how Debbie Rowe can hop back in and have any claim at all to those children.

Again, the whole thing is a crazy train wreck and Debbie must be as nuts as MJ was to agree to the union.


Chaotically Calm said...

@La'Tonya, she is all about the money if you ask me....but at the same time his 79yr old mother ain't the best choice either but def better than Rowe.

@Cardio, I would assume so as well but it seems the first time she tried to sell her children the judge didn't dissolve all of her parental rights because he felt she might have a change of heart later. At the same time the gloved one still agreed to pay her the 8m.


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