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Weekend Update: Concluding Truths and a Lingering Question

Some ish went down this weekend that will surely make this summer interesting. It started with a conversation (no yelling it’s not my way) with The Spaniard on Friday night that earned him a ticket off the island with no life preserver. Mailroom Boy’s stock soared to new heights independent of The Spaniard getting the boot and True Blood returned with a great season opener oh did I mention the bowling league stated, booyah!

On Friday evening...I called the Spaniard and immediately he started in with the whining about his mother. I get it honestly I do, he wants his mother here with him but I’m sick of it consuming our conversations all the time. After listening to him complain for upwards of a half an hour it morphed to how I should try to call him earlier in the day because his time after six is reserved specifically for speaking with his mom on skype. Small nugget I know but it touched the last nerve for me with him.

This was the beginning of the end. It’s been in the making for quite some time but I think I was trying to make the unworkable work. Basically I told him that he’s selfish. His overall attitude that somehow what’s going on in his life automatically trumps what’s going on in mine wasn’t rocking the boat any longer. So I gave him a spoonful of my mind. (Paraphrasing here) I told him that I get him wanting his mom here and how upsetting that is to him however insisting that I revise my work schedule to accommodate his hours long conversations with her daily was just plain rude. Not to mention it spit in the face of me making constant concessions in regards to my schedule (ya’ll know work takes up a lot of my time) to make sure I can see or at least talk to him. He didn’t seem to get it and really there is no reasoning when it comes to a man’s mother...

Clearly I was wrong, he mentioned that once or twice along with the fact that as of late I’ve been spending a lot of my free time out with “friends.” And he’s right I have been spending time with friends because when I make suggestions for things to do I hear about his mom and having to talk to her and how he couldn’t possibly miss a call yada yada yada. Instead of hearing more of his excuses I’ve been making plans sans The Spaniard. And honestly been having more fun without him. During his rant I just kept thinking to myself, this shouldn’t be this difficult and how could I possibly envision gallivanting cross continents with this man. Abruptly but completely expected his mother called before we resolved any of this and he began to hurry the conversation, to which I simply said not to bother, literally and figuratively.

Concluding truth, sex does not love make….and off the island he sailed never to be heard of again. I think he felt the same, having the same conversation weekly gets old.

Saturday made me smile. Or more appropriately Mailroom Boy made me smile. I know I know I keep going back and forth regarding how I feel about him. He invited me to the bbq mentioned last weekend during the concert. I debated going but had no other real plans so I agreed. Prepping myself before the “semi” date I said Faith do not give him a full body hug and under no circumstances find yourself alone where kissing might become an option. Clearly I don’t trust myself even when my words say of course I don’t like him obviously other parts weren’t keeping up their end of the bargain. With my marching orders in hand, I shuffled down to South Philly to meet him.

We drove to Delaware with his friends separated by his daughter in the backseat.. This was good being presented very early in the day with one of his cons made it highly unlikely to end up in any type of sticky situation. And I was one for one anyway I successfully avoided the full body hug and provided the we’re home slices side bump type of hug which implies I don’t want your penis.

His friends were all smiles when I arrived at the bbq, even the girlfriends. As you know women tend to cut the sideways eye so to convert them to Team Faith early on is a good sign. The bbq transitioned quite nicely into a semi fight party (Cotto vs Clottey) by nightfall. During the fight Mailroom Boy and I snuggled (I know so against the game day rules) under a blanket. In my defense it was very cold (even with those shots of tequila) everyone was hugged up in some corner or another. Initially he offered me his jacket which in turn made him cold so his friend’s wife offered (sneaky biyotch) a blanket we both could use. After hours of being all hugged up with me he asks whether he was making me uncomfortable…uh I don’t think that’s what I was feeling.

Concluding truth, I always have fun in his company. He makes me laugh and I feel 100% myself when I’m around him. Oh game day tally, I broke my rules the man has nice lips what can I say. Damn I’m weak!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Bowling league folks screwed up the information and we didn’t get to bowl with the other leaguers, bright side for our trouble two free games. Next week lane 13 is ours for the taking. True Blood was well worth the wait. Season two opener served up all the vampy goodness I so desperately was waiting for.

Lingering question: Does this kiss change the relationship dynamic?

2 Pardon My French:


ROTFLMAO - Uhhh, yeah his stock just changed... I'm not the one to bring this up (LOOONG PAUSE) but I think the term "summer is coming" rings a bell, re the Spainard...

You're right. It should not be hard...

Yes, the kiss changes stuff, somewhat...unless you were drunk & can plead the fifth.

Just remember you guys work together...I'm sure you get constant daily reminders!!! No nooky in the boss's office, under the desk, in the stockroom, etc etc

cardiogirl said...

I have to say, I enjoyed this line the most:

"...with The Spaniard on Friday night that earned him a ticket off the island with no life preserver."

Sometimes I wish I could send my kid off the island with new life preserver. Bad but true.

p.s. This is the first time I've gotten a real word for word verification: fable.


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