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Why am I entertaining meeting The Spaniard for lunch? First off I don’t see this going very well. In general it’s Friday so he shouldn’t even be making time to see me you know this being a holy day and all and coming near a vagina might damn him to hell for all eternity. His words not mine, I kid I kid….but during our relationship (can you really call it that) he made it seem that way as I spent almost every Friday night with friends and/or family....

In any event, I am nervous. This is an odd emotion but I am palm sweaty, job interview nervous. Not completely sure why considering the fantabulous hair day I am having. Under most circumstances I am cool as the other side of the pillow but for some reason I a little taken aback as to why he thinks we need this “meeting.” I said my piece albeit via text message (so juvenile I know) but he had ample opportunity to respond verbally or otherwise since Saturday and he chose not to…until Thursday evening requesting a casual lunch chit chat.

Actually I have no problem with us being friends but considering his hobbit-esque lifestyle I didn’t foresee any accidental/on purpose meetings up while out and about…..Oh well Nurse Friend and Wander said I owe him at least this much considering I did entertain his company longer than a month.

Sometimes my light switch personality can cause others hardship….not sure why I am this way but such as life. I will give you a blow by blow after lunch.

2 Pardon My French:

dizzblnd said...

To answer your titel question .... yes.. but we all are. LOL

I hope lunch went well. Maybe things will work out and you can be more than just friends.

Selbon said...

Enjoy life.... Peace


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