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Just the other day I heard a disturbing news byte. A registered sex offender was crying about his ruined life as a result of the undeserving label as a sexual deviant. Under normal circumstances my attitude; you got what was coming to you nasty bastard but I stifled that feeling for a minute to listen to the entire story. You make the decision folks because I could just be out of touch.

As I understand it kids are using their cell phones to send scandalous pics of themselves to friends, boyfriends, FWB whatever (sexting) and the penalty; being charged with disseminating child pornography. As a result of the prosecution they are forced to register as sex offenders. This monogram will follow them for life.

The sexting thing isn’t a new phenomena I guess parents are just catching on but I am digressing.

Digest this for a minute folks and while you do stew on this tidbit. If innocent teenager number one (Billy 16 for the sake of argument) were caught with innocent teenager number two (Claire also 16) having wild monkey sex in Claire’s parents home while angry parents would surely follow no charges could be brought against either teen. Following this line of thought means in the eyes of the law it’s perfectly fine for Billy and Claire to fondle and play just the tip but it’s completely unacceptable and quite punishable by law to e-mail or text body parts they’ve probably seen live and in color to each other.

Not sure about you but I see some problems here. Of course I’m not a parent so I might be way off base. However, I do think its funny maybe not ha ha funny that Claire and Billy can perform the act but can’t capture the goods in photo form. Even funnier or more appropriately odd, that one would go so far to call this child pornography. Granted, the picture is of a minor and satisfies some hormonal teenage sexual urge it’s very different from some crack pot manipulating a 13 year old to perform a taped sex act.

If I am not mistaken, and this is quite possible because I don’t proclaim to be any type of legal guru I just watch a lot of Law & Order SVU, the sole purpose of child pornography laws are to protect innocent kids from deviant adults hardwired to believe that watching ankle biters in the park is a form of erotica. Not only that aren’t we holding children (by nature immature and relatively reckless due to age) to a higher standard than adults.

For the sake of argument if I were to capture the midgets on film and send it to the Spaniard (you know just for the sake of argument) no harm no foul. This is equally immature and no less stupid than if a teenager did the same but since I’m over 18 my lack of maturity isn’t being questioned and no one would accuse me of a crime, just a lapse in judgment maybe.

Bottom line, I don’t get it. Aren’t there enough real criminals to prosecute? Not that this “deviant” sexual behavior should go unpunished. But wouldn’t it be more appropriately handled in the home by parents who should be monitoring their children’s internet and cell phone use anyway. Sorry I grew up in a home with very little privacy so I’m not used to these new parents who blindly trust their children allowing TV and the internet to raise them. Not saying that my parent’s way was the best to rear a child but it definitely stopped me from I don’t know sending pics of Ms. Woochie to horny little boys.

But who am I, just a raving and ranting quarter lifer who thinks scarlet lettering a stupid teenage mistake no more harmful than seven minutes in heaven pedophilia or trafficking kiddie porn completely ridonkulously asshole backwards. Of course I could be wrong and we should definitely seek out the sex crazed maniacs and fill the offender registries with 15 year olds sneaking a peek at their girl/boy friend’s goodies. Yup that makes sense, it’s not like rapists and murderers are running the streets. I know I feel safer knowing that Billy and Claire are getting locked up, don't you?

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Yeah, they are taking it to a whole diff. level. There's a lot worse going on...however, I never had the option of a camera phone in middle or high school. It was the Hi-C sized pagers, and home phone, calling chat lines, and trying to catch glimpses of porn on fuzzy channels we didn't have, that would have gotten me in trouble...aside from that, I was a pretty good kid :)


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