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Model Friend is moving with her soon to be husband to LA. There is no other couple more suited for fun in the sun really. If I weren’t about anonymity around these parts of the woods I would show you a ridonkulously fantabulous picture of the duo. This of course it not just my biased opinion. Wander agrees in their cutetabulousness and Wander doesn’t lie about things like this. In all honesty she is quite the critic and has given the WTF face to some not to cute friends of mine. Hey the world ain’t a beauty pageant.

Digressing I know but it’s so much easier than writing what I need to say!

OK big girl pill swallowed; here it is I am going to seriously miss my friend! Not that we’ve always been chummy. Actually during college I didn’t heart her at all. This isn’t news to her as I assume she didn’t heart me either. Hey I was a different person then. Family ish weighed me down and I didn’t, looking back do a great job of hiding an all around cranky tude. I know I know it’s hard to imagine me without the sunshine but it is what it is.

Anywho we didn’t really travel in the same pack. She was the model/athlete and I was just an average student who thought she was smarter than the regular populous. Which actually hasn’t changed much; she’s still the model maybe less athlete and me slightly less arrogant, hey a zebra’s stripes don’t fade immediately. And you know what this post ain’t about me so zip it! In any event our paths crossed because she shared an apartment with mutual friends.

My favorite college memory of us, stealing pizza from “Up Til Dawn” one night (poor college students whatever don’t judge us) and I almost killed myself on the damp train tracks and nearly brought Model Friend down with me. She was like why did you grab me and I was like duh because I didn’t want to fall by myself seriously. To this day I am all about group embarrassment!

Did I mention how she was the brokest (is that a word) student I knew and still made it out every weekend, we used to joke about that a lot. Anyways after college we went our separate ways until about three years ago. If I remember correctly (good thing I never smoked weed) we met up at MNF’s poetry party. Now I could be wrong but I think poetry sewed the fabric for this friendship. Before the party I’d actually stopped writing, I did some old pieces that night and after I was done Model Friend asked me to write something for her.

That small request sparked a slow dying ember. I started writing again. So I guess in some strange way I owe her for helping me find my voice again. (Don’t tell her she can be a bit vain, kidding kidding!) Forever in her debt but she is not getting any of the proceeds if I sell.

And we just started talking, OK to be fair Model Friend started talking. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a bit of a bottler. It takes ginormous amounts of twisting before I let anyone beneath the surface. We are opposites in that respect; she is more of an open book kinda person. But as friendships go she called me right onto the carpet about it. She accused me of being a one-sided friend. I take in everything and even give some sound advice (at times) but I don’t let anyone do the same for me and because of that I miss the benefit of having a true friend.

As a forever evolving person I took her words very seriously and slowly began opening up but not just to Model Friend but to everyone. It’s made a better friend out of me so I guess I owe her old tall lanky butt for that too. Damn it’s so weird how true Granny Frannie was when she said people come into your life for a reason or a season.

Model Friend and I will likely be friends for life unless she gets all Hollywood on me (I will sell embarrassing pics to the tabloids if you do). She could really be one of those paparazzi stalked chicks and then of course they would learn just how gross she can be but all that aside she really is a great person. Ugh I can’t believe I just wrote that. It’s so un-Faith like.

Bottom line I will miss you Model Friend, know I shed a tear typing this post and wish you and future hubby all the best. I admire your dream grabbing approach to life. Don’t let distractions deter your destiny and don’t ever confuse nervousness for a sign not to reach further.

Ugh so I got real mushy in that last paragraph, goofy you better have a couch or crate I can prop my feet on when I come visit!

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