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Celebrate My 100th Post – Friends Can Be Lovers…..Per Dionne Warwick

No need for applause I have reached the infamous 100th episode of Chronicles: A Quarter Life Crisis and would like to thank everyone who stops by every once and again to read and comment on my rants with atmosphere.

Now that the bureaucratic poppycock is out of the way let me get into the “seriousness” that is this blog. Health update, MNF is finished rehabbing in his aunt’s attic and quite possibly almost back to his 6 day a week intensive gym workout. God I wish I had his dedication. Side note I gave the bike a spring overhaul (Ok the bike shop overhauled but you get what I’m saying.) and I should be up and riding any day now if good ole Mother Nature comes to her senses and stops with the damn rain showers.

And when I say bike I mean bicycle you know the kind you pedal not the ones that go vroooom.

In true friend fashion I’ve been checking in with MNF every day since his release from the ‘spital just to make sure he hadn’t killed over in a corner somewhere. You know just doing my best to be the best friend I can be. And believe you me this took a lot of extra energy on my part because as it goes, I am not a phone person.

Everyone who knows me knows that although my life seems somehow to have morphed its way into a tiny maroon box of numbers and appointment dates I can’t stand answering the damn phone let alone picking it up to call someone else. After spending hours and I do mean hours of my day listening to people talk (mostly about nothing) I find it hard to stomach additional unnecessary voices. For this reason alone I avoid phone talk at all costs. I do text a lot though, it’s so much more direct and I don’t have to listen to filler conversation.

Maybe I should talk to someone about this problem..could I have some strange socialization complex along with my host of other undiagnosed issues?

Anywho Male Nurse Friend revealed a disturbing dream while chatting the other day. Through laughs and now that I think about it maybe I should feel some type of way he said something like, OMG how about last night I had the raunchiest dream about us having sex.

WTF, might I repeat WTF?

OK back story I reminded him the other day in joke of our college pact (we were dumb and 19 at the time don’t hold it against us) that by 27 (odd age I know) if neither of us were in a serious relationship we should have a child together. At 19 I guess neither of use considered that having a child together might also include seeing each other’s man and woman parts. Not that I haven’t bore sight to the magnificent package accidently spied his loins he’s never seen the goodies. And obviously at the time MNF was deeply buried in the closet by the piles of chicks he’d bedded. To be honest he was quite the man-whore back then.

But our child, God I imagine a devilishly cute kid, not to toot our own horns or anything. I mean so cute it would be hard to look at for fear of getting sick with cutabulousness. Wander might actually be happy for me for once as I think she fears I’ll never have children. (I don’t want kids) As I age she slowly sees her grandmotherhood fade away, luckily for her the Little Brother & Sister are here to preserve what’s left of it.

In any event MNF said the dream was super real. He woke up frantic screaming for me and slightly uncomfortable. My reaction, was I good? Is this wrong and/or vain?

Seriously if you’re gonna bed your best friend at least it should be good/weird not bad/weird right?

7 Pardon My French:

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Congratulations on 100. Wow! Bedding your best friend would be weird period, unless... there are some under lying feelings? Hmmm.

Da Old Man said...

Congrats on 100.

Friends can be lovers, I guess.

Omar Modesto said...

Congratulations on the big one-double-oh.

You've taught me a new word: cutabulous!

otin said...

In a sex dream, every woman is good!!!


I know I'm late, but congrats on 100...it's like a birthday or something, without presents


PS - is MNF your Brian? But you don't know if you like him yet???

Chaotically Calm said...

@La'Tonya, thanks no there aren't any underlying feelings on either of our parts....well none that I know of anyway....

@Da Old Man, thanks I would like to pass on the friends being lovers though.

@Omar, thx glad I could add to your anti-English vocab

@Otin, that's good to know :-D

@Diva, thanks for the cudos buddy and oh MNF is not my Brian....I don't think of him in that way. Not that he isn't attractive because he is very sexy but he's gay with bi tendencies.


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