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Pandora is My New Work Buddy

Over the last week or so I’ve started talking to the other girls who work in my office. Normally I don’t pay attention to them because well one of them is the Sigher (prior posts shed light on her condition), one has a tendency to hunt for boogers (I’ve never actually seen it with my eyes but Mailroom Boy seems to always notice this out of his peripherals when he’s talking to me and I trust he wouldn’t lie about something so ginormously gross) and the other is cool but she travels just as much as I do. In an attempt to be office-mates I made a conscious effort to be less purposely antisocial with these women.

In doing so it’s paid off tremendously. Not because I have more people to talk to while at work, honestly I prefer to listen to my iPod as opposed to conversing with predult women discussing cheating or about to cheat boyfriends. There’s but so many bullshit conversations I stomach in one sitting. Work teams with bullshit conversations because most times you’re grouped with folk by division of labor instead of actual friendship ability. As far as I know there’s no workarmony you can sign up for to make sure you’re seated with like- minded individuals based on a bazillion questions to determine true compatibility, I’m just saying there isn’t!

In my case being the insurance professional I am has granted me the pleasure of a seat assignment betwixt the actuaries, yippee! I have no f’n clue what these czars of math are yakking about half the damn time and likewise when I speak about business process that look at me equally un-phased. Yeah seating genie you screwed up on this one!

For whatever reason the Sigher and Snot Rocket decided to ask if I wanted to join them for lunch a few weeks ago, bailing seemed a touch rude considering they jumped on the limb to ask. FortunatelyRegrettably I had conference calls all through lunch, as usual for some reason people zone in on that open hour between 12-1PM in my calendar and slip in meeting invites without my knowledge. Because obviously I don’t want to eat lunch…..ever! Before I know it I have no window for even a bio break but I’m digressing. In any event I didn’t make lunch.

Considering the effort I decided it made sense to, OK honesty here Faith, the one girl I am cool with, Fellow Traveler, persuaded me to go to lunch because she too can get a little weirded out by the odd coupling of Sigher and Snot Rocket (it might be a generational thing as Traveler and I are both five or so years removed from school while the others are fresh off the college express). In any event lunch this week with the troop wasn’t that bad.

Unintentional benefit number one, I actually took time for an official lunch and sat somewhere other than directly in front of my laptop soaking in all the cancerous light gleaming off the screen. It’s sad but I ‘m a bit of a workaholic. Unintentional mishap, completely missing the afternoon conference call on Monday luckily my manager who looks like Steve Carrell was pretty cool with it minus the frantic message he left on my cell. My brain might have been clouded by thoughts of freaking the Spaniard, opps Freudian slip.

The second unintentional benefit, Snot Rocket turned me on to Pandora Radio. Caution it will take about a week before your personalized free radio station 99.9999995% commercial free works perfectly but soooo worth the effort. You start with an artist or song that you like and from there the magic begins. The site works based on the music genome project grouping like music and artists based on your first pick. Don’t worry pretty much everything your mind conjures is there. Not to mention the site spits out tunes you may have never heard based on your current music selections and you may just find new artists to add to your faves. Pandora Radio gave me a leg shaking, bite the pillow musicasm!

Now instead of iPoding all day long I Pandora and can hear jewels from Hinder to Jay-Z with a dash of Lenny Kravitz, Billie Holiday, Duffy and Prince!

So I realize this has been around for awhile and I’m just learning about it, you faithful readers may already have known of this gem but at least let me feel like a kool kid for two seconds more.

Have fun Pandoring!

4 Pardon My French:

ettarose said...

See it's crap like this that really makes me hate dial up. About the most I can do is steal the music I like. Ha ha

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I'm downloading Pandora now! You are such the kool kid. My office has no windows, and is smaller than my walk-in closet at home. So bringing one more gadget might violate the capacity load!


You said the magic word...PRINCE. I heart his little short metrosexual, mascara, black eyewearing self...I heart Prince!

(making sure you got the Memo)


Update, we were behind...because of your post, I went to Pandora (Thanks you saved my music life) and I told two people about it, and they looked at me, like I had snot on my face, & were like really? That's so old??? You're late...

I heart Pandora...now only if it would cuddle with me on demand...


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