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I’m too young to fully appreciate the prior recession in 2001 because I was in college. Student….broke pretty much the same word only spelled differently unless you’re a trust fund urchin. Side note I remember catching the bus to class after work seeing the student parking lot littered with high end cars that trumped the faculty counterparts. Yes I went to school with yuppies who complained about not having enough money to go skiing and buy that coveted Chanel bag (tough decisions) meanwhile I held down a full and part time job while being a full time student. Someone told me it would make me a better person, yeah OK. Maybe I am jaded, digressing.

Do I sound bitter? Damn my poor parents, I kid I kid Wander!

In any event much like the Little Brother I am blaming all things negative on the recession. While strolling through this week in weird I stumbled upon this article . Granted someone should probably take Ronald McDonald on that “mini road trip” to the hill old decrepit pet on its last leg style but come now. No one has the balls to tell the clown his brand of “food” might single handedly kill the entire southern portion of the continental US but at the same time they have a dollar menu so a little collateral damage is just that. And really why take out this type of frustration on lower level staff, they truly have no say in the menu.

The mini version, it appears a rag tag trio was a wee bit early for lunch on Sunday and when they approached the window to order cheeseburgers and fries or maybe milk shakes and chicken nuggets (throwing that in for dramatic flare) were told no and shots were fired. Not no they couldn’t get some equally artery clogging meal just not lunch, it wasn’t the 11AM cut off just yet. My initial thought, it was probably like 10:55AM (although the article doesn’t say) and they were hemmed up on a technicality and didn’t want to wait the measly five minutes it would take before the menu switched.

The 10:55AM thing is purely speculative. Ridonkulous I know, to go all just laid off ape shit on the window 1 clerk over a little packaged heart attack but hell crazier things have happened. I mean in the past couple of months a woman gave birth to a small tribe and an obese mafiosa was so ginormously round he was given house arrest because his arse couldn’t fit in an Italian cell (must not be super-sized).

Believe me I couldn’t make these things up if I tried. My assessment, it has to be the recession. It’s just easier to blame some external trigger and the in the tanks economy seems a good a place as any to start. Although when you walk into your supervisor’s office to get your review and she says you’re doing awesome but given the state of things you’re salaries being docked and that promotion it ain’t gonna happen, well that is the economy!

What I’m saying is yeah the recession is kinda ass biting, well real ass biting , and I’m tired of the wall street suits I work with giving me stock quotes every 15 seconds like I care, I mean if you start with nothing you really can’t lose much! Not only that it’s on the tip of everyone’s lips. It started hailing the other day and someone told me it was because they are up there in space and the damn recession.

Of course that’s why it’s hailing it couldn’t possibly be anything other than the space program and the recession, why didn’t I think of that! Going forward all craptorrible things that happen are because of the recession.

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