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Male Nurse Friend (MNF) is a maniac! He calls me the eternal eighties baby always with a sweater, cardigan or some type of vest in tote with every outfit. I can’t help it; it’s my fashion equivalent security blanket.

And this weekend was no exception to my rule. MNF invited me to a citizenship party for his Ukrainian man-friend. It seemed interesting; I’d never gone to a just got your legal right to be in this country soiree so I thought why not let’s give it a whirl.

What to wear, what to wear….of course every non work and sometimes work outfit begins with a sweater, cardigan or vest of some sort. I decided on a long black number but light weight considering the nice weather coupled with a this dress black tights and knee length riding boot! Accessories were definitely very cute, a three strand black pearl necklace dropping ever so nicely into the midgets (applied a little shimmer for added effect) and a fedora.

Side note I went through the trouble of putting together such a fashion do because Male Nurse Friend dresses so well going out with him can sometimes be hurtful to your self esteem.

As always MNF was running late. He darted to the door in his bathrobe and no undies. Such a nice body, oops Freudian slip! And raced right back up before I could get out even a hello. I tramped up the two flights to his apartment in all my fantubulousness to wait for him. Once he was done getting shitty sharp, I hate and heart this man simultaneously, he told me to stand up so he could give me the once over.

Yes yes yes I approve. I love this outfit, Denise Huxtable (this is a compliment to me). I might have to change up my look for the spring based on you as my inspiration.

Ok if I could go back in time and become any one Huxtable…it would have to be Denise (which is the same as saying Lisa Bonet because I think they are one in the same) not because she was the prettiest sister but because she was fly(first definition)!

Yes I said it. I used inner city vernacular to describe my affinity for Denise Huxtable. It seems so wrong but fly is as fly does. Digressing! I am a huge pre-celestial child of the moon gods Lisa Bonet fan you know right after she married Lenny Kravitz post Cosby during A Different World. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Liliquois Moon but I’m just not a hug a tree dirty knapsack kinda chica.

I dug her offbeat out/in-touch fashion sense. It warms my heart and to some degree it described me perfectly. I loathe trends and stick with my own personal Faith style. It probably doesn’t work for everyone but hey it’s authentic, represents my personality and at this point there is little change happening any time soon. So I guess Denise Huxtable it is. I wear the badge with honor.

So that was like a post inside of a post, I was supposed to be talking about the Citizenship party right?

Yeah so the party was an odd, cross generational thing with folks ranged from 65-16 all congregating around a karaoke machine. I mean these folks were professional karaoke-ers if such a group exists, all ready to belt out tone deaf versions of great classics. Some came armed with sheet music. All I brought was a congratulation card for the guest of honor, obviously very slackerish in hindsight. This lack of preparation put me at odds as much as walking into a formal dinner party flip flop casual. Not to mention grandpas were hawking the cleave pretty hard after a few glasses of wine while their wives called me every harlot name in the book.

Being one of the few token colored folk in the room you know minus the Mexican wait staff, I was expected to sing like Whitney and dance like Beyonce. By nature I’m a klutz. I catch the beat just fine you know I can hear two and four unlike some rhyme challenged folks who clap on one and three it’s just coupling that with simultaneous body motions. Don’t get me wrong I do a mean two step which fools non dancing professionals but I felt a little pressure. Not to mention I have the singing voice of a frog. But none the less I belted out with MNF a janky rendition of Celebration and took a seat. Some actually clapped, probably to make us feel less amateurish considering we were amongst Olympic karaoke-ers.

After hearing three just tipsy, three on my way to plastered and three totally hammered renditions of At Last I was ready to call it a night. Remind me to ignore MNF’s Saturday night calls for the next month I can’t do another night like that for awhile.

2 Pardon My French:

Tina said...

Karaoke is my nightmare. I don't think there's any good occasion for it.

I like your blog!

Chaotically Calm said...

@Tina, you really can't blame the karaoke it's truly the people who ruin it.

Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger.


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