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By now everyone’s seen the disgusting photo (I’m not sharing it on my blog) of Rihanna following the attack. Going forward whenever a girl gets a WWE style pummeling at the hands of her boyfriend, fiancé whatever, I’m gonna call say the offender pulled a CB (Chris Brown). Sort of similar to when mega stars molest children KOP (King of Pop) style. Chris Brown’s obviously injecting the same ‘roids A-Rod used to before he realized that steroids are a major no no.

Don’t you like how celebrities are incapable of realizing the things they do are wrong until someone blatantly points out the flaws in their behavior/conduct. Frightening these whack jobs are allowed to parent children when they can’t even decipher right from wrong without a Legislative Commission. Digressing I know!

It’s my opinion that using your girlfriend much like a dummy boxer doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Someone other than the parties involved, Chris and Rihanna, must have noticed this violent behavior before it escalated to all out ape shit beat down levels! Reports indicate that he’s overly possessive and jealous, tell-tale signs that choking and pimp slaps aren’t far behind. Just speculating I am no expert in this kind of a thing.

Papers have reported he will have much to answer to when he finally speaks with his mother. Somehow this punishment isn’t holding much water with me. A tongue lashing from dear ole mom doesn’t fit the crime. What’s more how will that deter the behavior in the future?

If the reports are true Chris watched his mother suffer at the hands of his step father. We don’t teach children not to hit by hitting. Violence begets violence folks!

Chris is the new Ike Turner, and we all know what happened to Ike after Tina left the band. Will this forever tarnish his reputation? Some speculate that all press is good press regardless of the content but I struggle to think Wonderboy over here will actually reach the heights of mega stardom once forecasted. And with good reason folks, this is very serious business.

Prison time is out of the question, first time offender with no history of violence; however a heavy load of community service is in order. And not that stupid celebri-service where they open a hospital ward, smile and sign some autographs. I’m talking about picking up garbage on the side of the freeway, cleaning parks in a bright orange jump suit type of community service. This coupled with 1000hrs or more of counseling to deal with his traumatic past so he doesn’t go ape shit on his next steady seems more in line than a talking to from his mom and an emotionless public apology to his fans.

And when you think about it why apologize to the fans, I think there’s someone else out there who deserves it more than hormonal teenage girls the world over, I don’t know maybe the woman you nearly choked to death. Just a thought!

2 Pardon My French:

myundiary@gmail.com said...

I personally think that we don't know what happened in that car between Chris and Rihanna (Ike and Tina). Therefore, how can we judge. I have been in an abusive relationship before and I can say with certainty that no one knows what goes on behind close doors. What if this was the other way around? What if Rihanna hit Chris and he defended himself? It is never an excuse to hit a person. I just don't think a woman should be the only exception.

Chaotically Calm said...

@myundiary@gmail.com, True what we know is of course speculation however if this were a mutual ass kicking that would be evident by the charges pressed and Chris would have an equally jacked up picture of him surfing the web. I am not judging him what I said is the punishment should fit the crime based on what's been out in the public arena.

Sorry but a battered picture kinda speaks for itself unless we think Rihanna is all kinds of nutty like single white female and inflicted those bruises herself.


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