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Trophy Kids AKA Generation Y

Sometimes, OK most times I shudder to admit I'm a part of the most self absorbed whinny generation to date. If you don't already know it's Generation Y also known as Trophy Kids, Quarter Life Crisis-ers, Echo Boomers, Millennials and iGeneration (you know like the iPod). It gets me down. Of course since my generation is pretty much a group of over/under achievers my down could really be a symptom of my age. Or it could be a sign that I need to seek professional help and begin my prescription for Prozac. And yes that is right in line with my generation as well being the most medicated group to date. Hell we beat the boomers and their limbs are damn near falling off from working like slaves.


In all honestly I am truly on the cusp. Being born in the early 80's some sociologist might argue that I'm actually Generation X(Xers were born between 1965 and 1980 but depending on the source it can stretch until 85). Let's take a walk down GenX lane shall we.

Generation X Traits:

  • Neglected by parents
  • Loyal to relationships
  • Serious about life
  • Stressed out
  • Self-reliant
  • Skeptical
  • Highly spiritual
  • Survivors

Maybe I should reconsider this whole wanting to be part of the X. By all accounts the person described above sounds like a shrink's permanent sofa jockey, not that there's anything wrong with that. A little tell me why I'm manic is probably good for everyone.

Model Friend and I tossed the idea around once or twice, you know work out the emotional kinks!

Considering that Roe vs Wade, and Watergate are the notables of the generation, not to mention the invention of the computer I guess this really wasn't my time. I was born during the chicks with choice era. Not to mention my notables are more in line with Yers. I remember The Oklahoma City Bombings, OJ's trial (of course this was also the trial of the century so that might work for everyone), 9/11 and The War on Terror.

Hmmm, I guess I am a bit more Y than X, generationally not biologically.

Still in the pit of my gut I feel a little bile growing as I'm associated with a group of over indulged pre-dults. Stunted by parents who awarded participation over winning, you know the whole everyone gets a trophy even the losers. That type of doting results in grown children who require constant reinforcement at work and can't finish a job without a team.

And I say all this because this Gen Y chick sits opposite my cube sighing all day long about how bored she is because she isn't simultaneously watching television, im-ing, listening to her iPod, completing a presentation (actual work) and surfing the web for Jimmy Choos.

Sorry folks this is an odd week.

2 Pardon My French:


I'm a Gen X'er!!!! Yep. 1980 baby!!! Ok, sorry for the excitement. I'll calm down now...

Casey said...

very good post. I still admit to being a Y-er lol. Dang I left all of my good comments on the discussion at BC.

Oh and yo so guessed it on my post, lips are my thing.


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