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June 3, 1999

Emulaton is the greatest form of flattery. The idea to resurrect teenage Faith came from reading, Cardio Girl's Blog. Yes this is a plug. Her site is bloglorious awesomeness sort of like a 7/11 slurpee, you're not sure what's in it but you keep sipping anyway.

I'm drifting off topic.

Here's a glimpse of teenage Faith from 1999.

Sometimes I really wish that I could disappear or fly away or something of that nature cause I get so mad. Lately, no just now during Prom time my mother has been irritating me. I think she thinks she's the one going on this Prom. It's me though damn it, me. Why can't she just let me do what I want to do. She already caused me to go out with this anti-girl virginite guy whose scared to come in contact with vagina. The only good thing about going with him vs going with Tommy is the whole SEX issue. Sex is not a prom favor so I hear. The mere sight of her makes me mad. Now she's talking about some rotten salad she took out of the fridge. I guess it's my responsibility too. I HATE THIS SHIT!!!!

You know what I find amusing about this post outside of the fact that I've been creating words (virginite that's a pretty good one) since I was kid, the whole idea of extreme-ism. Why is it that everything that happened to you as a teen was the absolute worse or best experience of your life?

Pre-dult Faith is soooo (ha-ha) bent out of shape about taking the virginite to the prom. And it seems Wander wielded her mothering wand of influence forcing me to make the greatest decision of my teenage career: go stag or take the virginite. In Wander's defense she didn't truly know how serious I was with Tommy (first love) because I was a bit of a sneak back then. To keep up the charade I agreed to trot it out with another gentleman.

All in all the prom went well. Outside of having to hoist my boobs up with duct tape due to the faulty-ness of those ridonkulous pasties, there were really no complaints. Wander kinda got a raw deal in the that entry, sorry mommy, but you know how mothers get the brunt of the teenage girl smelling herself.

Again folks this continues to be an odd posting week.

2 Pardon My French:

Me-Me King said...

Duct tape? Yeow!

Chaotically Calm said...

@Me-Me King, tell me about it, pulling it off that evening was a b***h! Let's just say I find it very amazing I still have skin.


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