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Poetry Corner-Time Apart

Time Apart ©

Nothing feels the same when I'm with you
kind of like we're strangers
yeah strangers now
only friends in passing
who speak of each other
in past tense
like..I remember when or
back when we we're together...
up late nights
talking, laughing, planning
planning happily ever afters
and simple things like summer vacations
and walks in the park, and birthday parties
and what looks best with your favorite shirt...maybe me in your favorite shirt
yet nothing feels the same when I'm with you
maybe I'm sick of you
or you're sick of me
and words spoken
in the heat of the moment
were taken too seriously
because when our love was new
it was less complicated
less pieces to make the puzzle complete
but maybe we need time
time to grow together apart
time to grow apart together
time to realize
what was before our eyes
within our grasps
and in our reach
was love
yet nothing feels the same when I'm with you
and this
up & down sea saw motion relationship....together apart
stabs like seeing you with your ex
that should be me
it was written
in our book on the page near the wedding
so I can't seem to get
my mind around
an idea my heart can't accept
we're not together
no we're not together now
cause nothing feels the same when I'm with you
and that's the key
we need time apart
before us can be we.

1 Pardon My French:

moresecretwhispers said...

you right beautiful poems
kudos for the imagery x


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