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Ok folks today I am completely drained and my brain is frazzled. I can't seem to put words together that make any sense so it is what it is. Take that as a disclaimer and read at your own discretion. I am going to ramble about the what, the who and the why of today but there's no guarantee it will be understandable or even funny. Hey I can't pull out the funny all the time. Sometimes I am just unfunny.

It happens, some days you wake up and you just feel blah. No no it's not some type of depression you just can't be on all the time. I mean what if Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey all the time, it would get a bit much, right. So yeah I'm allowed to take a moment.

Randomlly someone asked me to describe myself in three words. I tried to put together three that made sense myself but I quickly became agitated and phoned my little sister. She promptly threw my call to the side for some random stick which kind of got under my skin but hey, college is the one time that you can pass your sister over for a jock strap and get away with it. She called back about an hour later and told me that I am sensitive. WTH? Take it in stride.

Mail room boy is still hella cute but still mail room boy nonetheless. There's something about his smile that's very alluring. But what I noticed is he is very much like so many other boy toys, so cocky. Yes I have a problem, a crutch for overly confident fellas.

Did you know that one of the DeBarge brothers died of HIV/AIDS. Where was I when this happened? And another nod to that time, does anyone remember Vanity 6's song Nasty Girl. Please check out the video, it's of the Prince Apollonia genre. And why did I bring that up because it's awesome. As a matter of fact I at this very moment am, well not the moment you're reading this but while I am typing, sporting my Purple Rain t-shirt.

This weekend can't come soon enough. Hopefully I will survive the rest of the week without throwing my laptop out of the window. Alright well off to bed right after listening to another old school song....maybe I can Youtube an old DeBarge song, oh oh oh maybe that one from the Last Dragon!

3 Pardon My French:

Claire said...

My brain has been frazzled and have fekt drained for the past few weeks, I think its a reaction to the hsitty weather and oncoming festive season. I am a miserable bugger :)

I have not heard that song for ages! I love it. BIG's nasty girl was the first song that popped in my noggin though.

Claire said...

Thats felt not fekt :)

Chaotically Calm said...

@Claire..I hear you the weather is a bit of a roller coaster lately. Glad you enjoyed the video. For some unknown reason now I am on this old school r&b/blues/jazz kick. I think it started because I saw the trailor for Cadillac Records with that Etta James song...I wonder if I could get an old record player...that would be cool. Of to ebay!!


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