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Poetry Corner-Summer remmuS

Summer remmuS ©

Summer begins with the jingle jangle
of Mr. Softie's truck delivering the
sticky taste of sweet melody
watching tight bodies
washing hoop-dees
us is good.
Mom and Pop vendors
here today and gone the next
give us the first taste of frozen
water ice
with a mustard pretzel.
Sun beating on chocolate skins
kingball courts etched with chalk
on pot holed streets
rug rats snaking past meddlin' in
grown folk busy-ness.
Spring-time love blossoms into
Summer time lust.
Humid observations of bare chests and exposed breasts
Corner boys lookin good but dangerous
in their robot fashions
I smile
"Damn shorty it's like that?"
I smile
Eyes lost on my body
I smile,
object of their desire
sparked by sticky heat
sultry yearnings deep within
tight air
spilling in everyone.
Sun beating on tiny black drops
playing pole ball.
Honey chocolate girls bounce to and fro
with each swing
of the clothesline rope
"You stepped on the ends..."
But these ends need beginnings.

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