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Happy Birthday Wander

Yeah yeah yeah so yesterday was Wander's birthday. No she didn't get a surprise party, why because it's too close to Christmas and she's been working insane hours lately. I did get a her a little something something because hey I've listened to the stories of being slighted given the proximity of her birthday to Christmas. Besides Wander is a cool Mom as mothers go and she deserves that special birthday girl feeling.

And that brings me to the question of the day, as you get older do birthdays matter more or less? Considering my quarter life crisis I tend to sweep birthdays under the carpet because they exist as a constant never ending reminder that I'm aging. Case in point, my 25th birthday for the second time. Come now people three times' a charm and bottom line I'm refusing anything above a quarter century. Doesn't that sound old enough? I never used to be this way, of course I was younger so it didn't matter.

By the time I turn 40 I don't want people saying anything about September 18th. Hint hint. It should blow by like any other day on the calendar as to not draw attention to that ever reaching number called my age. People keep screaming you're only as old as you feel. Well dammit some days I feel old as hell so that's not doing me much good. Especially when radio personalities announce that they're about to put on an oldie but goodie and this comes on. In my mind Boombastic came out yesterday but the little voice in my head screams yeah if yesterday was 1995. WTH that was 13 years ago, like half my damn life where does the time go?

It feels like just yesterday I was duct tapping my boobs into my prom dress. For the life of me I can't total recall 9 years of memories from then. It's just one mish-mosh of events that while I know yesterday I worked from home on some files reviews also feels like I was the editor-in-chief of the year book. Yes I was a super dork get the laughs out now. And really it's totally beside the point. All swans were once ducklings.

And you know what else gets under my skin and makes it feel saggy like an old hag my sister doesn't even know what a rotary phone is or looks like. Oh and to even drill the point home, my Godson probably thinks the B side of the tape is some type of double stick adhesive. Tell me you remember the B side of the tap.

Oh dammit to hell I thought I was talking about Wander's birthday!

1 Pardon My French:


Yeah, I know how Wander may feel slighted due to b-day proximity...mine is Jan 6, and I always get the "I'm broke" speech, or the classic 2 in 1 ("This is for your b-day & Christmas") Let's not forget no b-day parties as a child cause for some reason, there was always a "freak" ice storm or blizzard..... Make Wander feel speacial on her b-day :)


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