A Quarter Life Crisis

Rants With Atmosphere!!!

Jumping Back In the Saddle

After a small (ok extended with little stops in between but no major dating since Mr. Bengali) hiatus from the scene I am jumping back in the saddle. That's right people the FF (fierce flirt) is back in action. OK OK I actually feel edged, pushed damn near thrown into the saddle kicking and screaming. Reason being, I'm tired of Little Brother's sneaky little thoughts of lesbianism and Wander imagining lonely nights surrounded by eight or nine felines. Honestly she knows I would prefer canines, kitties are so sneaky but I digress.

In all actuality it comes at a time when I normally dump the phone of old, used up never gonna call them again numbers and re-up on fresh entries. Every new year the resolutuon remains the same, New Year New Dudes. Insert-Mailroom Boy, yes I think I will give him a chance, if he shows face at the holiday soiree. Yup folks that's personal growth in a little less than a month I've swallowed the big girl pill and come to terms with my issues see this posting. The Best Friend would be so proud. Oh to be honest maybe I took half the big girl pill because I also had some all up in his business conversations to confirm he's more than the surface.

And he likes icecream, that's always a treat right?

Preparation for the date tonight with Jersey Boy is needed. Side note should I take this Noreaster-ish weather as a sign that I should remain in my self induced non dating status?

Hmmm, I wonder!!!

In any event, I must brush up on the Faith do's and don'ts of first dates.

  • Choose a comfortable place (semi familiar to both parties so no one gets lost)
  • Be on time (this is not a job interview but it's rude when people arrive late especially with no warning text or phone call)
  • Remember to smile and give eye contact (no one wants to feel like he/she is out with a serial murderer or some mad scientist-unless you're into that and if so whatever floats your boat row)
  • Ask semi in-depth questions that spark conversation (respond when someone talks and listen to the other person's answers-uncomfortable silences are reserved for relationships not get to know meetings)
  • Always set a time limit beforehand so there's no oddness or weird moments at what appears to be the close of the date (but don't double book (double bookings are reserved for already established relationships) in case it's going really well and you might want a night cap)


  • Don't wear your freakum dress (yes skanks that means you put the ta tas away for one night and be a lady-it won't kill you)
  • Don't answer your cell phone or respond to text messages all night (yeah this is real rude and makes it look like you're dis-interested in the date which could be true but there's no need to show your ass)
  • This is a major don't-whatever you do don't monopolize the conversation (no one likes an arrogant know it all)
  • Don't forget your wallet (this goes for men and women, while in the years of dutch dating everyone should bring reinforcement-although men chivarly goes a long way don't expect the girl to pick up the tip just because you took on dinner and girls don't expect dinner to be forked up by the gent ah equality it burns)
  • DON'T GET DANCE ON THE TABLE DRUNK!!! (I don't think this needs any further explanation and I stole this from Nurse Friend's Handbook not that I don't agree)

This is the short list and I have the non freakum dress outfit picked out and ready to go for tonight if I brave the weather. Wish me luck folks for getting back on this stead and riding him into the stable.

Oh come on people not literally-ha!

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