A Quarter Life Crisis

Rants With Atmosphere!!!

It Only Takes One To Get You Back In The Game

Yes I hear the faint sound of cheering. I am back on the stallion and riding just like a pro. Please please no congratulations are necessary.

The weekend update goes a little something like this. Jersey Boy and I had plans on Friday night and as fate or Mother Nature, whatever fantasy you subscribe to, may have it the weather was a little sub par. Even with the weather being a touch on the narsty side he was still very much interested in meeting up. Granted I was totally ready to chalk it, because damp rain water is hair kryptonite. No need to elaborate on my hair love affair, been there done that, it's official.

Story has it and I say story because the truth of this event is unknown to me at this time, Jersey boy calls about 2hrs before the actual meet up and says that his brother is in the emergency room and we might have to cancel our plans. Given the weather I was totally A-OK. No sweat off my back besides I needed to put the finishing touches on a few Christmas gifts. For the gifts I would brave the element.

Do I believe this brother in the ER thing? Sounds suspicious given he also mentioned coming to the city to meet up with folk for an alum get together. Hmmm....I wonder.

Early Saturday I received an apologetic text from Jersey Boy about canceling our plans the night before and asking if I had any spots in my schedule.

If I am truly getting back in the saddle I must put in effort.

And so I etched out some time later that night to meet and greet with Jersey Boy for what I will call a mini date, just drinks. And I did take my own tips. Wore the non freakum dress and didn't arrive late. But you know what I did, I chalk this up to rust, I left my wallet on my kitchen table. Oh and I ordered the alcohol equivalent of a Snapple so there was no way I would start to feel the buzz and oops off with my shirt.

Do we think he believed the no wallet thing, he's not that important yet for me to care if he thought I was lying. Side note I really wasn't and felt like a ginormous ass.

Conversation flowed, I remembered to ask semi in-depth questions to keep everything rolling, I batted my eyes, did the laugh with light pat on the shoulder and gave a little hint of the bedroom eyes.

Do we take an invite to the party at the Loews as a sign I still have the juice?

Will there be a second date, we shall see what unfolds....

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