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Last night braving the bitter biting cold The Little Sister and I went out on a covert mission to wrangle up some additional Christmas presents. Sneak peak I believe she just might have purchased this acid washed (I am a child of the 80's folks get over it) pinkish purple hoodie from American Apparel. Already in my mind I have an outfit picked out but that's beside the point.

We decided to grab dinner on the run so I stopped at Qdoba for burritos. Yummy Mexican! When I got back in the car she was busy chit chatting with an old friend from high school who will forever be known as Power Puff, such a sprite like little pixie who I remember fondly. It could be the pink hair. I was sure to tell the Little Sister to say Hola for me. Yes I speak Spanglish.

When the telephone convo came to a close I asked my sister if she still keeps in touch with another girl from high school. The Little Sister responded that no for some reason they just fell out of touch. It happens.

That started me thinking and her talking about how much things or people have changed since high school. Much of what she said sounded like blah blah blah yada blah yada but when I did tune in she said that they fell out of friendship.

Can one really fall out of a friendship? Falling seems so hap-hazard to me. Personally I think we grow out of friendships. If I think back to high school there were so many people who I considered (in teenager-ese) BFFs. (Side note can you believe I'm coming up on my 10 year reunion, God I need to rope in that doctor, there's high school do nothings to one up and former bitches to impress-this stems from going to an all girls school...ugh the competition lives on.) I've longed since deleted their numbers from my phone so I guess the card attached wouldn't say thank you for being a friend.

Which leads me to the other point while in high school to imagine my life without these folks seemed impossible, yet now I can't even envision having a full blown conversation with them. Odd, maybe it's me, that is a rhetorical question/statement. Consider I was once a third of a trio, one moved to a separate section of the small/large city and we never really spoke much afterwards and the other, our families still live across the street from one another, our brothers are good friends but the most we do is pass friendly hi's or awkward conversations about how we should hang out.

But why would we hang out now? We have nothing in common. We don't like the same things anymore or more accurately I have no idea if we like the same things because once we graduated from high school the conversations died. By the time we reached college our circles never converged and attempting to rekindle what was once believe it or not is quite painful. It's almost as uncomfortable as waking up partially nude next to a close friend attempting to recover memories from the night before. There's forever a purple elephant in the room yet there was never a formal itch I don't like you so don't even talk to me conversation, so odd!

I guess I will label those persons seasonal friends. Take for instance a former friend who stopped talking to me over a disagreement she had with the Best Friend. Me, being the person I am erring on the side of caution and wanting to stay as neutral as Switzerland kept my distance from the situation. OK so it involved some vomit and drunkassness but hey I never vomited on her comforter. Damn, I mean it was college can one truly be blamed for not knowing her limit? You have to get drunk off your bum the first time before you know for sure that the brown is a doozy!

Oh well I guess the old adage is so very true, people are in your life for a reason or a season. I would like to think the friends I have now (I'm out of that discover myself stage) are reasoned friends and that our relationships will stick it out for the duration. Honestly only time will tell.

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