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Merry Christmas

Hola readers, Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is blessed with a loving home and family to share the holidays with.

So here's the update, yes I did get the tricked out hoodie and a nice forest green sweater, not to mention the IPOD I've been hinting at, thanks to Wander, the Little Brother and Sister.

The secret's out. Finally Wander got to lay eyes on the most loveliest (I know this isn't a word, chill out) Christmas present...Sashas Fierce is in the house, partially potted trained and all. Isn't she a cutie butt? Do you know how hard it was to keep this secret from my mom for so long. It was killing me especially because she kept talking and talking and talking some more about getting a poochie. The surprise went over so well. She cried, it was special.

Overall, the day went well even though I didn't make cookies. Don't worry there's always tomorrow, well today since it's way early in the morning. Oh and I even shared niceties with the Man Wander Married. Someone should give me gold stars!!

Oh so I never got the tattoo but the Little Brother and Sister said they want to go so I imagine some time before the New Year's Eve event I'll get inked. Don't worry I will post some pics.

Happy Holidays!

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