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The Itch

Please let this post serve as a filler for the missing post from Friday (in my defense I had a killer headache sparked from an unknown source but I think it might have had something to do with that omelet my brother cooked for me).

Lately I've been feeling quite antsy. It's just a feeling I get from time to time. When it happens I find that out of character things tend to follow. Consider my weird turbulent relationship with Traffic Court boy and a number of tattoos. Instead of purposely falling into other haphazard relationships I've defaulted to ink. I've been told that tattoos are addictive.

Not sure that I am addicted to them as much as I am a silent fan. Body art is very interesting to me. Don't get me wrong I am not some punk kid who has skulls and ish recklessly scattered all over my body. I would like to think I have lady-like tatts that although materialized from idleness actually house meaning in my life. Or I could be deluding myself and they are but a show of a busy idle mind.

Yes I know that's an oxymoron. Join the club. My life is an oxymoron walking. While this time in my life is probably the most busy I've ever been in terms of career, family and friends I am idle. There's something missing that I can't pinpoint. In these times I tend to adopt another person (mail-room boy maybe), place(new apartment?) or thing (last one was cycling). Nurse friend and I are considering a pottery or yoga class. My lean is for yoga, let's get some blood flowing and gain flexibility which I see as a win win. Not sure how I will ever use the pottery. Side note are people impressed when you say you can sculpt a vase? Maybe in some circles that's impressive. I'm gonna sleep on it.

Honestly I thought the New Years Eve shindig sparked the antsy-ness but now that the party plannings coming to a close it hasn't left. Part of the panic was due in part to the fight to purchase a new dress or update a oldie yet goodie from the closet. Of course I decided to shop. Why? Because I am addicted and figured somewhere behind the dress was a sparkling new pair of shoes. Not that I need more shoes as I look around and see the mountain of boxes overpowering my room.

Still need to pick up a gift for my Godson and the finish the final touches on my lil sister's gift. Somewhere a mall line is calling my name.

Yup this idleness can lead no where good. Well I am off to take a shower and meet Model friend to price the ink.....I will let you know how it goes.

Sorry guys no funny today.

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