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I'm getting the feeling that I'm being edged out of my room. The more I look around the less free real estate I see. It's beginning to get beyond crammed. When I moved in the thing I was most drawn to was the overall ginormousness of the apartment. By and by clothes have overstated their presence in the closet and are somewhat leaking out onto the open floor space.

There doesn't seem to be enough hanging space for the hangables or drawer space for the foldables, what's a girlie to do?

Shoes, I can't even put into words. Insert the top picture where the shoes have even taken residence on my flat screen. Hating to admit it, four or five pairs are hiding in the trunk of my car out of sheer embarrassment. Before the trunk they were scattered in the car, at least now there's the delusion of organization in the car at least.

It's to the point where I don't even have a clear picture of what I own. Just two weeks ago I stumbled upon a few unrecognizable boxes and opened to see some stellar uck me heels. Not to mention I donated three pairs to my hair dresser a month or so ago and still no dent.

They multiply like mogwai minus the killing spree unless you count tripping me while I dart to the potty mid night. Of course that's not an innate mean streak hidden in the shoes, it more about my utter lack of space to adequately house the growing population. But there's really no one to blame but myself.

Honestly I'm cleaning house. I'm gonna rummage through the oceans of clothes bursting out and in the closet along with the bizillion shoes stacked ceiling high for donation. Hey Christmas is a time for giving. I'm sure there's a home out there just waiting for three and a half inch Besty Johnson pumps or some knee high Enzo boots.

Disclaimer: I am about to change focus very quickly
On Sunday I met Model Friend at the mall where we did a quick run through to find shoes for a party she's going to at the Loews Hotel. (It sounds swanky unfortunately I am unable to attend. Yes I am crying on the inside.) My purpose was the final touch for my little sister's Christmas gift which I did get. Because I am true to my word I told her I would post that she looked like the unibomber. Yes an attractive unibomber but a unibomber none the less.

Of course if she were hiding C4 in one of the pockets of the I kill deer in the woods green cargo jacket she was wearing it never detonated. I guess her kamikaze mission was storming through unassuming shoes departments. In the end I also purchased a pair of shoes and before you get all bent out of shape I really needed them to go with the dress for the New Years Eve gathering.

Oh and yes we made it to the tattoo parlor and I priced my new ink. Tomorrow is D day!

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