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A lawyer/soldier I know casually responded to my I was just thinking about you I know this is random but how are you doing e-mail with the notion that nothing is random. Do you believe that? It started me thinking about some of the what I would classify as random events that have happened in my life. Were these things just destined to be regardless of the path I followed or true out of the blue happenings?

Let me start with this casual friendship I have with the lawyer/soldier. I met him during my stint as a workers compensation adjuster. During that period I was more than crabby to most folks just by virtue of the work but in his case he always had something relatively witty to say. Always had a snarky remark which was a delightful change from the other dick attorneys I spoke with on the regular. Dare I say he was interesting! That in and of itself was quite haphazard given his profession. The icing on this oddball cake, I've never even met him in person. Nope never shared a cup of joe but I would call him a friend. Silly I know.

Another hit or miss situation...how about becoming an adjuster at all. While I puttered around following graduation hoping a job would fall out of the clouds, knowing that I had no interest in law enforcement (why was I even a criminal justice major)and pretty much settling on going back to school if nothing cascaded into my lap I stumbled upon a poster in the break room for the company that I later (2wks) began working for. And it couldn't have been my impressive resume because when I look back at that trash I turned in, I wouldn't have hired me. Maybe it was my bubbly disposition?

But maybe it wasn't that random after all. Consider my current occupation, consulting for insurance carriers. Sort of makes that whole nothings random theory seem right. Could the lawyer/soldier be on to something? Maybe the job gods knew that I needed a firm grounding in the process of claims before beginning to fix the inner workings. Nope not buying it, besides I don't want him to think he's right. I want to walk around thinking that some things that happen are once in a lifetime. As a matter of fact I need to know that chance happenings exist.

If nothings left to chance explain meeting a great guy who was the absolute best oh never mind in the middle of traffic court, coincidence I think yes!

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