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I am challenging myself to write every day minus weekends. To help myself over the writers block hump, you know cause my life just ain't always kicks and giggles and my nurse friend said I couldn't write about her penis fracture dude, I am implementing the Thursday Poetry Corner. In the Poetry Corner I will showcase some of my very own diddies and poetry from writers I truly enjoy for every one's benefit. Dare I say this adds a little grownupness (yup my word) to the blog. Anyway if you don't like it lump it!

Autobiographical ©

Born: Anywhere but where I am
Through the screaming lips of woman
Too young for childhood
Just old enough for marriage
There I is, alive
Fighting air for a taste of life
Innocence born to die
Tasting freedom with whipped cream fingertips
Lost in sugary sweets
A childhood yearning to touch grownfolk
Still caught in jump rope games
And hop scotch courts
Scared of green monsters and under wire bras
Too pale to be brown too light to be black
California sun-kissed sandy brown locks
On a nappy black head
Cornrows planted to a toffee scalp in 2 plaits
Her tongue ain't right
She ain't dressed quite like
Her hip-hop swaggered be-bop pals
She's lost in the other
Screamin to be let out....black
Trapped in a bar-less cage
Of trophies, awards and plaques
Cause she's expected to be not one of the best
But the best
Too smart to be the one carrying the torch
See...that's a job for the other
Her mistakes are correct
And arrogance is gold
No one stops her prideful stride

Faced with a powder white reality....she adapts
But life freezes
Incapable of loving with a
Shattered heart lost way back
When her hips were less round
And her breast were toned down
Hiding in a sports bra
Men love her body now
Wrapping themselves in suicidal curves
Missing the most important beat
It trumpeted past them
While they were more concerned with the curve of her seat
A dead memory lost
To a cold basement floor
Cherry red burst
Left feeling soiled, unclean and used
All for the price of cafe mocha and a front row seat
"This play is amazing"
Who knew she'd reach the point
When all she wanted was peace
Beyond the talking lips spouting
Dangling promises
Unattended....forgotten....blown away and tossed
To rabid dogs
Who chewed and spit her out
Tasting bitterly what life is all about
Swallowed the lesson friendship
Spit up a pit
Realizing them berries are in your life for a reason or a season
They ain't their face

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