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See now politics have just gone too damn far. My office compadre just told me that since John McCain is coming to campaign in his township this afternoon his kid is being denied the luxury and pleasure of recess. WTF!!!!!! Who can the children picket? There has to be some type of school lunch protest or book dropping event that the kiddies can stage to rage against this machine. While I am not sure what hundreds of letters from little people who can't properly form a sentence will do to stop the insanity but I think the pencils need to hit the paper or in this day and age the e-mails need to be a flying. Depriving the children of recess only straddles the teachers with more hours to deal with your annoying sugar high children. Recess is so necessary for kids to release their obnoxiousness. I'm not sorry I said it and yes I meant it. Recess is a very necessary evil to quell those monsters in kids clothing from reeking havoc on the society at large. Parents need to get in on the raging if you ask me, I mean this is your tax dollars at work.

And if not to lend a hand to the teachers (I mean it's not like we pay them enough as it is) why not do it for the kiddies? Don't the children deserve that 30 minute run til you can't stop break in the middle of the day after eating processed cafeteria food? Honestly during the grade school years it was one of favorite parts of the school day, and could be why I am taking this so seriously (or I could just be avoiding work, it's one or the other). Kids have the right to be kids. Keeping them cooped up in classes pretending to learn while they dream of playing tether ball or jump rope will only release the beast on you parents. You know what your kid is like all hopped up on cracker jacks and capri suns. No teacher deserves that punishment times 25. Come on parents a little assistance goes a long way.

I mean people hasn't politics monopolized enough of our time. Haven't we suffered through the I'm John McCain and I approve this message or Hi, I'm Barack Obama and I think we need change not four years of the same enough! Of course it could just be me. Maybe you like hearing how McCain is older than time and he's gonna die the day he gives his inaugural address or that voting for Barack is voting for a terrorist. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and you know what I want a recess. Yes my platform fundamentally opposes the oppressive nature of the current political forum banning the process of free time to run we like to call recess. And doesn't congress get a recess where those thieves, I mean elected officials, get to go on holiday using our hard earned tax payer dollars to shoot the shit in their yachts in Martha's Vineyard or some other place I've never been invited. Dammit it if George Bush can run around with a riffle and shoot ducks our kids should be able to frolic through the playground playing catch a girl, kiss a girl. I mean for goodness sakes at least our kids can say and probably spell Nuclear. He's definitely not smarter than a fifth grader, but I digress.

It's down right ridunkulous (of course I had to throw in my made up words) to have the children miss recess just because John McCheney....I mean John McCain comes to town.

Folks I'm off the soapbox for now, until next time!

4 Pardon My French:

MW said...

I really agree with you here...and not to get off the subject, I really wish I could have used those same antics when I learned that taking naps stopped in Kindergarten. I mean, WTF!! Explain that to a 1st grader!

oooh i'm sorry. yeah kids. throw a book!

Jack Payne said...

Oh, get back on your soap box. It was fun listening to your tirade.

Nicole said...

i just read your blog for the first time and I think it is great!! So many of the posts made me laugh so hard. I totally agree with the recess stuff..kids need that time and I think adults need it as well. Lunch breaks that we get don't count-they are never long enough and we never get to do anything fun like play tag or hang out with our friends. I saw your from Philly-I just moved here from Jersey, but anyways loved your blog and will definately be back for more!!

Troy - a.k.a. Whiteline said...

Rage against the machine! Get on out there girl and organize those kiddies - they need a voice and you seem to be doing a stand up job! :)

Love your rants!


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