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So my friends and I always play this game....the game is if you had the chance to sleep with someone who would it be, no consequences. The game morphs a bit from time to time and we'll add a twist like if Flava Flav was the last man on earth would you do it....what if there was a million dollars involved....what if you took the million but couldn't speak to your family and friends for a year....what if it was recorded and broad casted on youtube....what if it was a woman (that one is specifically reserved for my straight friends). Hey it gets us through the day and it's just a game we play with each other out of complete boredom and shear lack of imagination. Come on people don't act like me and my friends are the only ones who play stupid little games like this. It's just an extended version of would you rather really and everyone knows that game rocks!

And this brings me to the other day. While having a random yet interesting conversation with my friends about the state of lesbianism, you know can you truly be a lesbian if you've never slept with a man....if you date mannish women does that mean you really like dudes? Of course we have a slanted view since all of us are pro-men when it comes to dating. To get a better grasp of this issue it might be beneficial to add some discussors on the other side of the fence, but I've gotten off the point. While haggling back and forth with tons of ad libs like girl you know you crazy and he could definitely get it, I decided that my one gimme if ever I settle down would have to be Barack Obama. There's definitely something that comes over me when speaking about him or watching him on television. OK so I know he's married and I so respect his wife but a woman wants what a woman wants. Bottom line end of story he makes me warm under the collar and well you don't need to know the rest.

I know I know, it's so pop culture and of the moment of me to say Barack but I'm allowed my 15 year old obsessive teenage girl moment. (Did I forget to mention that NKOTB aka New Kids on the Block is touring OMG OMG OMG) I'm not the only screaming fan camouflaged under the guise of political know-how. Believe you me I can talk a good game about high level poli-sci but the reason I keep coming back sure ain't the Iraq exist strategy. And really when think about it just a little over a year and half ago I didn't know hide nor hair of this man.

But he's here now and damn fine if I say so myself, smokers lips included. Well actually he's not really fine in the conventional sense of the slang word fineness a la Denzel (sexual chocolate) Washington or Brad (did you see my abs in Fight Club) Pitt. To be perfectly honest I don't know what it is about him that keeps me drooling as the "Hi I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message," of it all spews out of my tele. My best guess is the perfectly manicured hair, impeccable suit choices, over the top intelligence (yes smart is in these days) and that hint of I know I'm the shit boys and girls glint in his eyes that keeps me wanting more.

P.S. I apologize if Michelle Obama was hurt or felt abused as a result of this post!

8 Pardon My French:

jadedconformist said...

haha. Actually, me and my co-worker do that, and often it involves listing our other co-workers in order of bangability. Usually the twist is that we list ppl we'd probably barf while banging, but that's half of the fun.

Michelle Obama looks like she would kick an ass over her man. But get yours...

Robin said...

I have a thing for Obama myself.
Shhhhh! This is the first time I've ever admitted that!

He doesn't look like Denzel, but he looks like he would be an actor in movies similar to the kind Denzel usually chooses.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I really want to have the Big O in the White House! ;)

jadedconformist said...

@Robin - when you say you want a 'Big O' in the Whitehouse, we're talking Obama, right? Just checking where our minds are at this morning...(and our hands.)

Chaotically Calm said...

Wow Robin you so weren't there in my fantasy....wait I think might have mis-interpreted your comment. LMAO!!!

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

ummm, I thought you liked Common. LOL... Barack is sexy in a bookish kinda a way.

And yeah, I agree with jade, Michelle just might cut you.


Chaotically Calm said...

@alicia...Common is on the short list but the man of the moment is Barack. Don't worry Michelle has to catch me first...ha-ha!

Don said...

Sanaa Lathan.

There's something about this woman which does it for me. She is super sexy. Of course I've never met her YET I feel like we've known each other for around eight years now.

Tommy Buettner said...

You can have Barack Obama, if I can have Mariska Hargitay or Halle Berry.

and as far as lebianism, there is nothing wrong with it. I am, after all, A lesbian trapped inside a man's body. (Wife rolls her eyes everytime I say that.)


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