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Before heading into the psychic's little 2x4 room adjacent the boardwalk I had to pray myself up and let the Lord know I wasn't a true believer in whatever this woman was selling. The whole thing was all in good fun and it isn't even one of those stories that starts one night when I was drunk. I was completely sober unless you count high off life. Anyway, the night started out as normal as any night out with me can start. I roped a couple of friends into riding with me to Atlantic City on a whim. In all actuality I was supposed to meet some other friends for a hotel party, but in true Faith fashion I screwed up the dates. Instead of Saturday it was really Sunday when all the festivities were starting.

No sense crying over spilled milk, or in this case no sense in wasting half a tank of gas even with it down 40 cents a gallon, we were going to make the most of Gambling Town USA with or without the hotel celebration. Sometime during the drive down we'd changed our focus from party to funnel cake anyway so it actually didn't matter that I mixed up the soiree details. It's a good thing my friends are easy to please or just have a low threshold for what qualifies as a good time. It's one of those two things and I choose not to speculate which.

So after or before, I can't quite fit the details of the night chronologically in my mind, posing for indecent photos with a statue of a life sized gorilla I blurted out, "Wouldn't it be cool if one of us gets our palm read?" And by one of us I meant me. And since neither of my friends jumped at the chance I stepped up for the challenge. Or at least I took their you can't pay me enough money to sit in a cell with some voodoo princess woman expressions to mean that the one of us was me. In any event, the palm reading was five bucks which my nurse friend promptly provided since I'd spotted her while slotting it up in the casino.

And on I went into the little misty room with two chairs, a little table with clear orb ball and an overly made up middle eastern woman to provide me with five dollars worth of my future. To no surprise I have a long healthy life ahead of me. Judging by the fact that I am writing this post a week later I am about a week into this long life. I will keep you updated regularly on how it goes. But I digress. She began to tell me how my medical career is going to totally take off to which I didn't even bat an eye. For anyone who knows me, medicine and Faith are as different as salt and pepper so I chalked that as part of the warm up phase before she hit the nail on the head. And then if happened. She told me that there is a guy in my life who I am at odds with who needs to do a lot of leg work before he gets back into my good graces.

Yes people I know how generic that is but it touched me and the barrier I keep up came crashing down. She must have noticed the twinkle in my eyes because she dove in deeper. Oh yeah she told me some good stuff about my actual consulting career and even touched on some things I've been feeling about some close friends. She succeeded to pull me into her psychic woman lure. Then she hit the wall again and I had to toss out what she said as just something else that happened over a weekend. Can you believe this woman told me that I am going to have four kids. Yes count it out folks, four kids. WTF!!!!

Do you know what it means to tell a person who struggles with the idea of one child that she's having four and deliver it in compliment form? Not one, not even two, four kids....I can't stress to you enough the pain creeping up my left side, am I having a stroke (in my head thought)? I made it a point to tell her that I don't even know if I want kids so she needed to look back into her crystal ballie and pull something else, in joke fashion of course. She chuckled and said something to the effect that what she sees in my future may be beyond what I think I want in my life. Hey lady don't hit me with your psychic mumbo jumbo, pull something else out of the ball or give me back my five dollars. The Faith in my head kept screaming that but I kept up a smile you know no sense in getting arrested for slapping some middle aged wanna be psychic on the boardwalk in AC.

Of course she had to end on a positive note since I nearly had a breakdown when she mentioned the kids. She told me that something great and life changing will happen in February. I said thanks, shook her hand (since I'm not hip to the after you get a palm reading etiquette) and walked out back to my night of randomness with my friends. Of course they laughed at what she said and I refused to admit that the reading was mine. I told my nurse friend since it was really her five dollars and she's itching for the family one day that it was really her reading. That seemed to calm my nerves.

In the back of my mind I will have this reading...what if she was right? You know what that means swearing off men for the first part of 09 because I can't afford any life altering changes aka bundles of joy!

4 Pardon My French:

Anonymous said...

Well in true fashion great blog. We really do have low expectations of fun (funnel cake one of the highlights of the night). What about the restaurant or the wandering in the parking lot (that's for the next blog-LOL)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

hmm 4 kids? WOW. I plan on having one and picking up one in Africa. What... if Madonna and Angelina can, why can't I?


cardiogirl said...

I have three kids and the thought of four makes me run in circles screaming. (Can't run *away* because of the kids I already have.)

Daily Spirit said...

SEE...we're real ;)


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