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The question is....why me for the day and the mood is frustrated but still joyful. So yesterday after I'd struggled through countless decks (consultant-speak for power point presentation)I was at my wits end and decided to run through my inbox. Skimming I ran across an e-mail whose subject line said I received an e-card. In all my stupidity and careless abandon for the 8 million warning signs leaping from the screen to my brain, I did the unthinkable do....you guessed it folks, I opened the damn e-card e-mail. Insert dramatic music here.

Why you ask, because I'm an asshole whose brave enough to admit when I do things that are stupid. It's no reflection on my actual true intelligence....OK maybe it is. But I like to go on the record that this opening of the e-card came from a good place. In some far off universe I thought someone really cared enough to say hello in card form. Knowing the loser (which I substitute for busy) friends and family that I have this shouldn't have been at the top of my mind, but the thought of it brightened an otherwise dull day. To my surprise my entire screen turned an eggshell white color. Honestly it would've been funnier if little midgets dressed in drag ran across the screen cartwheeling screaming loser.

It took a minute or two before I truly accepted that I'd let some stupid teenage hacker defeat me, and disconnected my LAN cord before priceless information was sucked into the vortex we call cyberspace. Once I mustered up the courage to walk through the double glass doors and across the hall to IT, I had my puppy dog eyes act all ready so I could get my laptop back before the end of the night. Shocking, the IT men and women weren't fooled by the puppy dog, I guess this is normal in their line of work. I tucked my tail between my legs and came out with the dreaded e-card story. After they finished snickering at my expense they handed me depressing news.

Yes I would now have to upgrade my machine to VISTA as a result of the infiltration. WTF. No I'd planned on holding out until my mid 09 scheduled upgrade. This is blasphemy. And to top it off, it couldn't be fixed last night. The estimated time, some time today say noonish to be on the safe side. Great now I was stuck missing work probably for the whole day because of the stupid e-card e-mail. Not only that I felt violated because the IT people had my machine and my passwords.

As I type I can feel them peeking at my shirtless photos of Michael Phelps, and when you think about it why would anyone have clothed pictures of Michael Phelps, but I digress. They have their little IT people paws all over my laptop laughing at the jokes I've stored and reading my blog cause you know they're like computer geniuses and can see every key I've stroked. Nothing is sacred. It's all my fault, way to go thinking someone cared enough to send an e-card.

I struggle to find the bright side of this.

2 Pardon My French:

agapelife said...

An e-card that you wanted!
Hi Faith,

Let the winds blow and the rain pour
Nothing can disturb my Peace within
For I am named Faith!

Have a lovely week!


CurlyDesign said...

Poor baby...but tomorrow is another day.


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