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Weekend Update: Hugging the Porcelain Baby and Flights to Vancouver

When Nurse Friend invited me as her lipstick lesbian date to a co-workers’ wedding I was un-thrilled…totally and utterly un-thrilled after learning that the wedding shared timing with the upcoming Maxwell, Robin Thicke and Chrisette Michelle concert. Seemed to me that the concert was clearly the better option but then again it wasn’t my co-worker/friend so I could have been biased.

Considering that Mr. Back n’ Forth bailed on Nurse Friend and moved his undying love self back to his hometown, some landlocked state in Middle America, I felt it only right as a true friend to stand in and be her date, even in the face of the double sezyness posed by Maxwell (chocolate) and Robin Thicke (vanilla) and one can’t forget the fantabulous vocals of my girl, Chrisette….utterly breathtaking. And very un-Faithlike I didn’t run out and purchase an outfit although Nurse Friend drug me along on her purchasing escapades…believe me that’s not a complaint because we all know I heart shopping of any kind…except grocery.

Moving right along the wedding was interesting…only because it was presided over by a female minister…we don’t get much of those in the Baptist church as it’s more of a good ole boys club. Women do get to be deaconesses and wear those ah for the love of Jesus hats. After the ceremony we had about 2 ½ hrs to kill so we went to the nearest mall. There I knocked out two birds with one stone, some pre-Vancouver shopping and getting a pedicure. Nurse Friend elected for only a mani. By the time we finished the bride and party were just starting up the hor d'oeuvre portion of the reception.

I mingled with the folk I didn’t know while sampling options that looked and smelled meatless. During the reception I took a few pictures for Nurse Friend who conveniently forgot her camera and even chatted it up with the bride’s father…very cute salt n pepper gent I might add. Judging by his younger than anticipated wife I guess I’m not the only one thinking that thought…moving right along. Somewhere between the sloppy salad and the marina covered chicken the bubble guts began. I can’t truly pinpoint when the turn for the worse happened but by 9:30 waves of nausea swept over me.

Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t have mattered to me to upchuck right there considering that it was their food that made me feel this way. However knowing this was someone else’s wedding reception and if the shoe were perched on my foot I would be on one of the higher levels of pissed-off-ness seeing a guest of a guest hurl during my princess for a day party, I sashayed my way to the facilities. There I proceeded to spew forth what felt like everything in my stomach…not to good! After a few minutes Nurse Friend burst in to see if I was ok….yes I am an adult and can handle throwing up as a one woman show.

Granted throwing up after a great party never feels that bad…at least it happened as a result of something hella cool. Throwing up after a semi alright night…not on my list of wants to do, not that I had a choice or anything, not to mention that I had a 10 hour travel schedule planned for the next day. Oh so maybe I forgot to mention that for work for the next 8 weeks I will be back and forth to Vancouver.

Luckily by the next morning I felt somewhat better, a little queasy but suitable for travel…even middle seat travel. Not that I have a choice especially after hearing about two additional rounds of layoffs happening in the near future for my company. It is my preference to have a job to complain about rather than complaining about not having a job. Even still whoever said that I wanted to give up my weekends to travel? Hello I don’t get paid for weekend work!

So that was just a little rant. Anywho the first flight, from Philly to Chicago went off without a hitch. Problems rose on the flight from Chicago to Vancouver International. For whatever reason, rarely do you ever get one from the FAA there was a 30-45 min delay for the flight. Not to mention the flight was oversold, as usual, and the annoying flight steward kept asking if anyone was willing to give up his/her flight…judging by the oversoldness of the flight my guess was no…you know just a thought. In any event once on the plane, the ride was pretty smooth unlike my trip through customs.

Now in my mind I’d stereotyped Canadians into Americans with accents but nicer. Generally this is true. Instead of saying prah-cess (process) they say pro-cess…which actually might be the proper pronunciation now that I review the spelling of the word. Anyway arriving in Vancouver at 12AM which based on my body clock was actually 3AM and being interrogated by a cop without a gun wasn’t my ideal way to meet and great our neighbors to the north but I guess the pro-cess is just as excruciating the other way round. And after confirming this with a couple natives I’m right. The pro-cess ( I will never tire of saying it this way) is equally painful coming into the states if not worse.

From here the adventures begin eh…

5 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Ick!

Good Luck with the travels. I love Vancouver!

cardiogirl said...

Get out of here, you had time for a pedicure in between the wedding and the reception?!

Ding a hundred on the Canadian stereotype: "... Americans with accents but nicer."

And now I'll be looking for a reason to say pro-cess.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, Vancouver is hella nice...wish I had more time to actually see it. And the food poisoning was all types of not good on many levels.

@Cardio, I am finding ways to say all sorts of Canadian things...I am however very fond of pro-cess and pro-gram and pro-nounce!!!!!

Oh and yes there was about a 3 1/2hr gap in time between the wedding ceremony and the reception. The mall happened to be about 5 minutes away so sauntered on over there and got our toesies did! Good times were had by all...or at least me.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Okay, I laughed out loud about the bubble guts! I'm always the one to get sick from the food at a reception, or something! Always.

Vancouver... Girl, you gets your work on!


I've been to Windsor, and I can't remember for the life of me what the accents sounded like.....maybe a dash of Brit, with American pie for over-kill.....so long ago


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