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Weekly Rant: I Wants Me Some of that Celebrity Justice

Where do I start…OK how about here, skipping town after pleading guilty to raping a 13 year old girl and never being held accountable. I assume in the eyes of Hollyweird’s elite it’s not really “rape rape.” WTF???? Of course it isn’t. I mean when a man drags a drugged/liquored up barely teen (13 year old) aspiring actress/model to the home of a famous actor, I believe the reports said Jack Nicholson, has sex with her on a coach that’s not Rape. Granted one might argue that no actual force was involved but whoever said force had to be involved in order to constitute raping someone.

By definition rape is the sexual assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with or without penetration of another person without that person’s consent. Granted Ms. 13 may have actually said Roman Polanski I want to have your babies…I don’t believe this because while drunk coherent sentences don’t normally escape the mouths of adults let alone stoned teenagers. For that matter teenagers aren’t really in the coherent sentence business when sober anyway, you know just my opinion.

Anywho in my mind, even if Ms. 13 were actually 21 it was still rape…hello while under the influence of a controlled substance or liquor one cannot fully give her consent to have sex which is why many a date rapist have been convicted. But let’s get out of the land of make believe and hop right smack dab back into the actual meat and potatoes of this situation. At 13 by law no child is capable of giving her consent to have sex with an adult….sorry Roman you can’t steal the cookie. I don’t care if Ms. 13 came into your room and hoped on it (now that’s just vulgar) as the adult in the room you have an obligation to right the wrong. Not only that but after the age of 25 there really shouldn’t be any interest in lying down with anyone who can still be put on my punishment by her parents.

Bringing your dates home before the street light comes on has to get old.

Now 30+ years later it does seem a touch late…but hell it’s better late than never in my book. And really I don’t think they’re going to throw this 70+year old man in jail after he’s extradited from Switzerland but if they do I’m not gonna shed a tear or run around wearing a Free Roman Polanski button like a lot of these Hollywood jackasses. Can you believe these folks actually have a petition going like Freeing Roman Polanski is the new green campaign or something?

Famous folk keep saying (in the whiny voice) he’s a cinema genius. He’s one of the world’s best directors….so what! Since I’m a work comp guru does that mean I can renege on all the laws that society sets before me…probably not my bank account don’t have enough zeros. Does being a cinema genius or one of the world’s best directors in some rindonkulous way entitle you to walking above the law? Did I miss a memo that said if you can run with a football or direct a movie better than Joe Blow Average its perfectly fine if you also murder your ex-wife or rape a 13 year old child?

Clearly I must be wrong because this surely wasn’t “rape rape.” And WTF does that mean exactly? Is that whole “rape rape” similar to being a little pregnant. Clearly this is a yes or no thing…either he raped a 13 year old girl or he didn’t…my money’s on he raped her otherwise this cinema giant would have appeared and accepted his Oscar for the Pianist in 2002. Oh yeah it was that little thing called jail time that halted his flight to the states.

And you know Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. Only there do we celebrate junkies, mildly deranged pedophile type characters because they can do what…entertain. It’s always slightly baffling as a society the one thing we place so much importance (being entertained) on is something that is at the end of the day means less than nothing. Why don’t you try being a good person!

Just a question…if Roman Polanski was a teacher would you want him arrested?

6 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

He shouldn't be treated differently because of his "celebrity status" but I also believe in karma.


Isn't there some law in, that you commit a crime and flee, the country you flee to has a right to extradite you back to the country you fled, or something like that...

Shame on France for allowing him to stay


Update to my Q: so I found out that France & Poland are the only two countries that will not deport you back to the US due to the dealth penalty laws..... so I guess if I commit a crime & don't want to face jail-time, I'm heading to France

cardiogirl said...

Yuck. That's wrong on so many levels and you've discussed all of them.

It doesn't matter if he's a cinematic genius, Albert Einstein or the Pope.

Wrong is wrong.

And I'd love to see what the "Free Roman Polanski" celebrities would have to say if the person WEARING the button had been raped by Herr Polanski.

I imagine it would be a different story then.

Celebrities can be assholes.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

He's a dirty ass old man!

My three youngest are 13, 12, and 10. To think of someone taking advantage of them that way... lets just say, Switzerland wouldn't be far enough away.

I wonder. If he wasn't rich, would France extradite?

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, this was my thought exactly bank accounts and "celebrity" shouldn't dictate justice.

@Diva, well it seems you answered your own question friend. Escaping justice is but a plane ride away.

@Cardiogirl, yes I tend to agree with you...celebrities can be assholes. Sometimes I think they like to align to an idea that sounds good but in this case it doesn't even sound good.

@La'Tonya, yes I think you said it best...Dirty Ass Old Man aka the DAOM!


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