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Weekend Update: This Must Be My Season To Suffer…

Well Operation Happy Hour ended on a sour note Friday. It started out pretty decent minus the semi argument the Best Friend tried to pull me into (hanging up doesn’t make me mad it makes me laugh…are you serious I thought we were adults). Ending my conference call early made the happy birds sing and gave me time to swing past the salon to get my eyebrows arched. Believe me I was all kinds of elated because the eyebrows were all types of werewolf, scary (blame it on the frequent flyer miles)!

On my way to the salon Juan (this would be my car) started this little stutter step motion and all of a sudden the check engine light began flashing. That is never a good sign. In between semi annoying text messages from both the Little Brother and Best Friend I called the dealership to schedule the 4th appointment this year for the car. Now I know what some of you are thinking 4th this year….seems like Juan might need to be taken out to pasture. Well guess what….not gonna happen because I plan on riding Juan until he can’t put out no more. Yep I am gonna work him harder than a gold digger during all star weekend.

Sadly the dealership couldn’t take the car until Monday. I saw a wonderrific weekend go down in flames. It was very sad not to mention I totally missed out on some swanky eats from the Alfa Bar, a cozy little spot where I imagined I’d feast on a goat cheese number and sip a little white wine sangria for my mentor, Dr. Diva’s birthday celebration. Clearly Juan had other plans in mind. All of which entailed keeping the apartment company all weekend long, oh so boring and nerve wrecking at the same time.

Luckily the Best Friend agreed to drive on Friday night to the Mission Grill but she’s such an early bird not to mention our late start caused us to miss Tall & Busty tend bar during happy hour. We made it home by 10PM, not exactly my idea of a night out. A cute guy kept giving me the eye but I wasn’t in one of those close the deal moods. I brushed him off and kept it moving.

Saturday was uninspiring, spent most of the day looking at the walls, besides spending a few hours with Granny SJ and Wander. Remind me never to allow Wander to drive me anywhere ever again. Trust this woman doesn’t know cars reach speeds higher than 30mph. My night ended on the couch answering text messages from randoms.

By Sunday I was somewhat annoyed with the whole car-less-ness of it all. And really I was probably wallowing in a vat of self pity because I could’ve easily called friends to get out and about but I didn’t want to. I wanted to fester in the despair of the car fiasco plus going out equaled spending dinero better served in my wallet in order to pay for the upcoming car repair.

It got so bad I even contemplated walking to the laundry mat just to break the confines…sad I know laundry is the absolute worst!

When one of my managers called insisting I help with some last minute deliverables…although aggravated I did it because well it wasn’t like I had somewhere to go. By 9PM I ended up watching the whole MTV Video Music Award stuff and was actually mildly entertained. Kanye West (don’t worry I have a stern letter prepared for him on Wednesday) needs a friend, I mean someone played Where’s Waldo with his hair which didn’t seem to cause him any concern and he made a total a$$ out buffoon of himself stealing Taylor Swift’s 15 minutes of fame. Beyonce, always the PR queen, made up for this by snatching 15 back for dear sweet Taylor at the end. Did anyone else notice B predicted her win? During the pre-show they asked her what award of the 9 she was up for did she most want to win and without any hesitation she said video of the year…low and behold she wins video of the year, conspiracy…I think yes.

Side note: Fly Eagles Fly….E A G L E S….Eagles!!!!! You can tell I was bored can’t you?

Hopefully this whole trip to the dealership doesn’t cost an arm and a leg….

4 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

I hope the dealer left your body parts intact. Too bad about your weekend. It sounded a bit like mine. My excuse was constant rain!

cardiogirl said...

So sorry to hear that Juan is acting up, but I would run his @ss into the ground as well.

Kanye (shakes head). He needs to focus on impulse control.

mr. nichols said...

I hope the car situation works out. You already know how much Trinity meant to me so I can definitely relate on that feelings. And yeah, Kanye? That college dropout needs some class.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, you know the dealer took me to the cleaners I think it's part of their contract or something. It's all good thought it better to have a working car than a working thumb.

@Cardio, I believe Kanye would benefit from a stern talking to and a hug from a true friend.

@Mr. Nichols, Ha ha I heart the word play my friend. Yeah the car situation is very fragile it's like they control a part of your life right?


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