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Week In Review: Not Much Going on Round These Parts, Take a Frigging Hint and I Want My iPhone!!!!

Yeah so I summed it up in the title, there ain’t much happening captain. I did no traveling this week which actually was nice. I didn’t go into the office opting to work from the comforts of my jammies besides Tuesday. In actuality I decided to work from home more because Mailroom Boy worked my nerve on Tuesday and I just didn’t feel like having to be extremely rude to him. Sometimes I spare folks the roughness that can be my ‘tude, for this he should thank me.

Since I ain’t got much I should just spill how he worked that last nerve. Alright you all heard my little rant about missing the family bbq due to client work, well it spilled into this week and Diva no they didn’t save me a plate. (I am so un-hearted) Anywhosowhatsit, I’m furiously working on a client deliverable Tuesday morning, iPoding for focus really into a rhythm and didn’t need any frivolous interruptions. Even with Mailroom Boy’s looming appearance, the man is tall, I didn’t see him coming insert iPoding and client deliverable, I felt a presence. Damn it why the frig was he towering over my desk. I waved, flashed the 10 watt, continued to rock out to the dance grooves and put my head back into my work.

Did you catch my drift? I’m sure you did, I was busy…he didn’t because I still felt this mofo standing at my desk. WTF!!! Pause…deep breathe…no flipping allowed in the workplace! Pulled out the ear buds, flash a 5 watt and give the can I help you face, you know the one when the Jehovah’s knock on your door unexpected at 7 in the morning, yeah that face. He proceeds to go full on convo mode. Exsqueeze me? After not answering a question or two or three not out of rudeness but out of sheer I need to get this done-ness without any pointless interruptions he says something like, you’re not listening to me are you? Ding ding ding, you my friend deserve the gold star for intuitiveness….not! Moral to the story…work from home to avoid workplace interruptus.

Onto brighter pastures, or at least I thought. Since my actual birthday is coming ‘round the corner I decided to treat myself to an iPhone. Yeah I could wait another week and get one through work but with all those text message and application stipulations it just made more sense to get it myself. Alrighty then I played with the touch keyboard just to make sure I could get the whole swing of the no keys and to my surprise I got her done. Down side, you know my life there’s always a down side, AT&T and that whole 1 year policy for upgrades. Looks like I have to wait until next week anyway, story of my life really.

So TGIFriday...Happy Hour at the Mission Grill with the Best Friend, oh yeah she’s over that little grow up hooker comment. Not sure what the rest of the weekend will entail but single in the city is feeling all types of good right now.

5 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

Wow! I think I need to get up and do some laundry or something. You energized me!

mr. nichols said...

You had me rolling how the 10 watt dimmed to a 5 watt. But my question is, how come you didn't just say: "Look dude, I'm sure whatever you're saying is fantabulous, but I have a lot of work to do and I can't concentrate with you yapping in my ear?" (That was my best Chaotically Calm impersonation. How'd I do?)

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, if you could throw a couple loads in for me that would be greatly appreciated..mkay :-D

@Mr Nichols, I got a chuckle out of that..def a good impression of me. As he started to talk I did mention how busy I was but I guess I could have been better with my verbal communication skills but I was so zoned. Have you ever been zoned and get tongue tied because your so into something else? I get that way a lot when I write and when I work. Most folk understand non verbal communication...I can see where part of this is my fault though.

mr. nichols said...

No, I know exactly what you mean. It happens on a regular with the wife. I'll be in the zone, and she'll be going on and on about who knows what. Finally she'll say, "You don't really want to talk do you? Why didn't you just say that?" It's just one of those things I guess that we zoners gotta get better at.

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