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Weekend Update: Wandering Thoughts, Girls Night In & Quiet Convos with Mailroom Boy

Again work pulled me off to some obscure location Friday morning. This time it required getting up at the butt crack of dawn. Luckily that is just my time so it wasn’t all that bad. Instead of my usual 5:45AM start I pushed it up a bit to 5AM on the dot. Truly no harm no foul considering I am an early bird, Granny SJ would be oh so proud.

Thinking about it I should give Granny SJ a call. I haven’t spoken to her in awhile….wonder if she’s still riding the Deacon…

Anywho I didn’t do a week in review post last week because well nothing material actually happened last week besides De-He Who Must Not Be Name-atized my room. It wasn’t that difficult…just some random artifact from Tunisia and removal of the ceremonious washcloth, towel and toothbrush.

Guess I should mention that while working by my lonesome at the client site in Jersey my mind wandered to He Who Must Not Be Named. I guess it was the isolation that made my mind race….not sure. It wasn’t a bad thought just a random WTF moment that passed as quickly as it came. Picked up the receiver but remembered he is away in Tunisia at his cousin’s wedding celebration, laughing no doubt. Considered leaving a narsty message but I left that thought right where it started and said, “Faith grow the f*ck up, this isn’t junior high anymore. Act like a frigging adult and stop wasting mind power thinking of vengeful plots and go back to work.” I actually said that out loud to myself…profanity and all, good thing I was alone…

Moving right along, after an unimpressive/impressive day in Northern Jersey the Powers that be released me early to scurry home and attempt to beat both the Jersey and PA traffic. Obviously the Powers and Mother Nature aren’t on speaking terms because mid way (or what would have been mid way through the ride home) I was stuck in an extra hr or so of traffic not to mention the mild tsunami outside my window. I did of course travel prepared and had umbrella ready, willing and able to do its part not to become the beginning of the end of my hair. We all know how obsessive I am about the follicles.

During the monsoon, Mailroom Boy sent a text asking if I was alright, given the treacherous weather and asked if I wanted to get together. Hmmmmmm At nearly the same moment (that’s really just dramatics but very close in proximity) The Best Friend sent an SOS text crying (if you could hear a cry in text form) that she needed a girls night in. You know where my loyalties lay. I cancelled plans with Mailroom Boy, abrupt I know but he understood.

Braving the element I stopped at the Wine & Spirits (those not punished to live in Philadelphia the Wine & Spirits store is the only place you can purchase alcohol) and picked up an old friend, Vodka. I was sure that The Best Friend had her sidekick Rum handy or possibly Tequila, not really a fan of either. Rum I just don’t like and well Tequila will have me taking my panties off faster than…well never mind me and Tequila aren’t girl night in appropriate.

Girls night in turned into Bitch-fest X or IX honestly I’ve lost count at this point. In general I am not a man-hater. Even though I grew up with the most despicable, deplorable representation of man possible in the Man Wander Married I still can’t bring myself to discount men totally. Maybe I am hopelessly romantic deep down or something. Anywho, the Best Friend opened up about Dapper Dan in a way I never seen coming. Alcohol confessions are the best. The long and short of it, without spreading her business in the streets because I heart her and this is my blog to revel the cutes and uglies of Faith not dish dirt about my friends, he stole something from her.

Not literally…emotionally. In the past I was quick to point out to The Best Friend and others that Dapper Dan should be given another shot at love. Unfortunately my friend felt otherwise and now I understand it is with good reason. Yes I already knew the jacked up, asshole dude things he’d done in the past but somewhere inside the core that is me I felt he truly loves her or else he was just a glutton for punishment. In any case and I am paraphrasing here she said that she gave herself to him in a way that was unlike any way she’d ever given or thought she was able to give to anyone (yes I know this has no back story and it won’t unless she cares to blog about it) and when he did the jerk immature things guys do he stole that part of her that she had given to him and she doesn’t think she will ever give that much again.

I wanted to cry for her but I am not big on tears. Well I did a little but she didn’t know. An empathy tear slid down my face that I buried in a pillow. After the confession I did mention that if she continues this way, he wins. I don’t want to see him win for the Best Friend’s sake. A little piece of my heart for Dapper Dan slipped away that night.

Saturday I cancelled on Mailroom Boy again. I know but I felt like the comfort of friends, people who’ve known me longer and get me without explanation. We caught a flick, The Orphan…good movie it was worth the ticket. We (The Best, Nurse Friend and I) ended up at our favorite diner breaking bread and telling jokes. It felt like old times…rarely are all three of us together, sort of our own Golden Girls minus 30 years. We hashed out some more relationship ish and I floated away to a memory of Future Husband and returned (all unnoticed by my friends) to the convo without spite…that’s a first.

Growing up…maybe…taking my own advice….possibly…When I can write the post about Future Husband I know all of “it” whatever it is will be gone….

Sunday we bowled to victory yet again. We are the team to beat, booyah! Since I’d cancelled nearly three weeks in a row with Mailroom Boy this weekend would make it four so instead I stuck to my word and took in a late night flick, The Collector, also a good movie and worth the ticket. I laughed in the face of my 5:45AM alarm and spent the entire movie (minus the time when I was watching and exchanging flirty banter) thinking about why I was there and if I could see any possible future with this man. I didn’t get any answers.

We spent an additional hour or so in my car having quiet conversation (man is he a talker). He told me that he liked my dress. We talked a little about our families…mostly surface stuff with morsels of depth. I mentioned my un-comfortableness with our work situation. He smiled and said that would explain some of my behavior and how long did I think it would take for me not be uncomfortable….no answer. He could see my wheels turning and he kissed away those thoughts but by the time I got home, close to 2AM, they were ripe on my mind again…

Side Note: The could be completely incidental and maybe the person realized he/she didn’t really like my writing style but I lost a follower after the whole Obama race post….guess I can’t please everyone.

5 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

Sounds exhausting to me and good for you, comforting the girlfriend, with the bottle, of course!

As for followers, it might be Google. It gets flaky sometimes but if not, don't worry about it. You're right. You can't (and won't) please everybody. People need to lighten up. It's a blog post. If you don't like it, write a comment and disagree (politely, of course) or just move on to something else.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

You've been busy! Every once in a while,it's good to be with friends. They hold us down, or prop us up, even when the men in our lives can't.

Recently, I was able to hang out with girl friends who live a couple hours away. Dang, I need another one of those weekends.

mr. nichols said...

Friends. How many of us have them? You definitely have had a lot going on. If I ever meet you, I'm challenging you to a game of bowling. I need to see these skills of yours. ; )

also, that "riding the Deacon" was hilarious.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, I'm always good for a drink or two. She's feeling a lot better...I hope.

@La'Tonya,those weekends you spend with your girls are always priceless- I am thinking we need a designated weekend like every two months or so. With everyone's schedule it gets hard.

@Mr Nichols, let me not give you the wrong impression here...I am a great amateur bowler which means I can consistently score at least 100. After scoring such high numbers I then run around and yell booyah in ya face! LOL

richard said...

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