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Weekly Rant: WTF…Seriously WTF

SMDH, do you see that dribble of juice left in those containers? (Granted the white cranberry juice probably wasn’t the best in hindsight but you get it I’m sure.) This picture depicts three of the six down to the last drop juice bottles left in my refrigerator. It was only right to show you what I am subjected to on an all too regular basis. Trust this is the norm and not an exception. By now I should just be used to this type of salute yet every time I see it tiny anger monkeys hop up and down on my shoulders.

Don’t be fooled this practice extends to other items in the house as well including cereal (both hot and cold), mouthwash pretty much anything that can be left to the last morsel chips or even the last drop….soap, whatever. And for this reason I must check everything. The checking is really what gets under my skin. It’s not that there’s no more or let me rephrase because clearly there’s something left it’s the fact that if said bottles or containers aren’t see thru I have no way of knowing until I go to pour myself some orange juice. And believe me at 7:00AM in the morning heading out the door to the office it’s just not the right time to surprise me with a squirt of OJ….seriously though now my whole f*cking morning is ruined.

Clearly the Little Brother has an issue with finishing anything…why I don’t know he also has an issue with closing the shower curtain after he’s done, go figure.

Ugh, this is why I don’t like roommates, sometimes. In general living with The Little Brother works well. He is around when I need him to lug my heavy arse laundry bag down the stairs. Most times he remembers to do his chores without nagging a friendly reminder and he even takes out the trash on cue. We don’t fight over trivial bs mainly because I don’t do confrontations. It’s just not my way. He understands my moods well enough to know when something has rubbed me wrong and most times he adjusts without having to go there. Believe me I hate having to go there. It’s happened once or twice and it wasn’t pretty.

The last time I had to go there involved the taking back of his car key….not pretty!

His perks outweigh mine though. He gets full use of my car without the decency of ever filling it up with gas or paying for general maintenance which also includes washing or vacuuming. He lives in a fantabulous apartment minus the ghetto that exists around us that he can’t afford. Totally heart my apartment, totally hate the neighborhood….if I had it to do over, or if I had the time to actually devote to looking I would move. But this is a story for another time. I exist as a 24hr bank account that never gets deposits just withdrawals but by no means bounces or says insufficient funds. And on some days I even have the privilege of selecting outfits for him to wear on dates with chicks using my car and 9 times out of 10 on my dime.

Clearly I am getting the short end of this here stick. Not to mention the damn boy can’t remember not to soak my friggin bathroom rug. Bathroom mats serve dual purposes, decoration and excess water catchers. The key word in that sentence was excess, it is not a towel and should at no time be soaking wet. Stepping on sloshy damp rug barefoot ain’t fun and will turn Faith into mean Faith instantaneously.

Sometimes I consider this my cross. Everyone must carry one to make it to the promise land. Of course The Little Brother does cart me back and forth to work (on the days I go to the office) with very little lip. But he should given his many many many privileges. In some ways I guess that makes me a touch spoiled and maybe I shouldn’t rant about him.

Side note: So why did I wake up hot with no electricity…..I will blog more later and now I am calling the Spaniard to take me home…this can’t end well. Oh and Fellow Traveler discovered my work secret…mum is the word!

6 Pardon My French:

Kate said...

Your post was entertaining, but your brother's behavior is bizarre. I've never heard of anything like it.

My brother always had a habit of dipping his cookies in his coffee, but he'd always leave the last bit. He only did that with cookies though, nothing else.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

The tiny little anger monkeys. That's funny! The next time I get mad, I'll remember that!

You're like the big sister/mama.

Are you attending Blogher this weekend? It's in your city.

ReformingGeek said...

I think brothers are designed to be a bit weird. I would not want to live with mine. Bless you for living with yours.

I'm with you on the wet mat. Towel off in the shower, then step out!


Funny, how you try to put your side note in itty bitty tiny microscopic letters. Good thing I have 20/20 !!!

Chaotically Calm said...

@Katie, Thanks my brother knows he's an oddie but I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world....most days. Cookies in coffee interesting..what type of cookies I would imagine an oreo but I could be wrong.

@La'Tonya, you hit the nail on the head as the oldest and given our childhood I have always assumed a mother role although I am only 4yrs my brothers senior.

In part I think this explains my urge not to have children, I feel like I've always had them minus the pain of childbirth.

On another note...Blogher???? Am I not in the kool kid crowd?

@Reforming Geek, believe it or not (outside of the annoying things I noted in the post) we get a long pretty well, almost brady bunch like except we have the same parents. Yes I believe this might be my ticket to the heavens...LMAO

@Diva, it's sort of like the disclaimer no one notices...luckily the electricity came back on around 10AM but the Spaniard...the more I learn about him the less interested I am...most times....he's a bad rash I can't shake?

Michele Martel said...

Hi we enjoyed reading your blog, me and my husband love this stuff! Great information and we've added you to our favorites!
Thanks Michele


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