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Weekly Rant: Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love, Sisterly Affection and Not So Subtle Racism

Ah Philadelphia the city of my birth and the nation’s as a matter of fact. There is no place I’d rather be and not be all at the same time. Most days it’s tolerable if you avoid some of the sketchier neighborhoods and some days it’s feels like a f*cking rat trap I can’t escape...

That last part could just be me, I am not sure. The Little Brother says he never wants to leave, go figure.

In true Philadelphia fashion it’s stewing with racism thick as the humidity. Not really shocking, a little horrendaful but not shocking in the very least. One must never forget that Philadelphia resides in Pennsyltucky also known as one of the most racially charged places above the Mason Dixon. You don’t have to take my word for it, please read this article to get a taste of what I’ve known for years.

Side note, around these parts I rarely discuss race because it’s not my topic of choice but this deserves my ranting.

Anywho simmer simmer it’s not all that bad at least no one was called a nasty name. It was all very politically correct, you know as politically correct as one can be when acting like a bigoted piece of sh*t. For those who didn’t take the time to read the article I will give you the 411 (remember when people used to use this slang to mean information). The long and the short, several black campers were escorted out of the pool because their very presence changed the “complexion” (their words not mine) of the pool club.

Interesting….it’s news to me that our (I mean our in the collective sense referring to all colored folk) “complexion” seeps off when mixed with chlorine. Quite fascinating actually considering I’ve been living with the skin I’m in for 27yrs and never noticed this. Could be my particular avoidance of pools in general but the few times I’ve been allowed in I’ve never noticed the color slide right off my skin.

And really the adults behavior doesn’t disturb me all that much, sad but it doesn’t really rock me to the core like that of the children. The white children actually ran from the pool when the black kids hopped in, this my friends is disturbing. WTF? Racism at its worse is when the children are brainwashed. Of course old bigots were once young bigots however, with the intermingling of the races via schools, interracial marriages etc etc etc most children aren’t programmed this way.

Sadly the children’s parents have wired them in such a way to continue this hateful completely ass-backwards behavior. It’s janky as hell when you think about it. I feel for the kids who were booted out of the pool for no other reason than being themselves. It’s a feeling that’s hard to put into words you just know it when you feel it.

Given the highly litigious times we live, I expect a lawsuit for pain and suffering to surface shortly.

1 Pardon My French:

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

The whole situation is so blatant ad ridiculously stupid. Things may have changed, but this is a reminder that people don't always follow suit. Great post!


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