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Weekend Update: Another Kiss for Mailroom Boy, Phillies Won and More Lip Service

Mother Nature laid her lovely hands on Philadelphia this weekend providing one of the best three days that I can remember this year. The charm coincided with the summer kick-off also known as the 4th of July. OK enough about the damn weather let’s jump into the happenings shall we....

Lip service should be the Spaniard’s middle name. Last weekend he ruffled his boxer briefs into a knot about how I always make plans without considering him or his feelings. To un-ruffle his undies I said basically come up with something to do and actually communicate that to me in something other than smoke screen or telepathy and we will do it. His something, a mini trip to the beach, great sounds awesome and it would give me a chance to use that new bathing suit burning a hole in my closet.

Mini Life Update: The Spaniard is now not going to Spain, he swears this has nothing to do with my refusal to fly the friendly skies…..and he now wants to accompany me on my all girls Miami vakay in August….let me think (Long Pause) HELL TO THE NO!!.

If you haven’t been following the story that is my life closely you probably assume I went to the beach….I didn’t. Considering my closeness to all things in my life I figured this out long before the weekend and conveniently scheduled an outing with Mailroom Boy. He scooped tickets to the Phillies games on Sunday, and we know I am all about all teams Philadelphia.

Not a shabby win with Utley sealing the deal in the 6th following J-Roll’s 1st inning homer. I nestled up to Mailroom Boy and we laughed at unknown onlookers caught on the jumbotron dancing off beat. We followed the win with dinner at a local sports bar to catch the highlights and cool off, during the 9th inning the sun decided to beam down directly on our seats so nicely tucked behind first base.

Mailroom Boy gets hella cool points for one listening when I talk to know I heart sports, two for scoring killer seats and three for being a perfect gentlemen when I asked him to adjust the spaghetti strap on my dress when it accidently popped loose (damn the midgets).

Date night ended with a short but scruptelicious kiss. It makes me feel dainty that I have to stand on my tip-toes to kiss him. This was a rare occasion sans uck me pumps considering the low key date. Under normal circumstances dainty isn’t my realm, I am tall. Not awkward woman tall you know like a six-footer but tall enough where most men are well within equal kissing territory when I wear shoes or even in flats.

Down side, because there is no sunshine without a little rain….my God is this man skinny as a rail. He has to weigh 150lbs soak and wet with a midget on his back, this is no exaggeration.

And now at the end of the summer kick-off which I will count as the first inning, Mailroom Boy hit a grand slam and brought 3 runners home while The Spaniard only has a runner on third with two outs, we shall see how the summer progresses.

So blog friends, because my job doesn’t believe in disconnected vacation, you know where you actually go on vacation and no one contacts you I might have to actually travel to NYC to meet with a client. Technically my vakay doesn’t stop end until Tuesday so I am thinking of making a weekend of it, you know hang out in the city and use my Marriott points to stay in-town…..question becomes who do I invite Mailroom Boy or the Spaniard?

6 Pardon My French:


I'm leaning more towards mailroom boy...he seems chill & fun, Spainard seems like a headache and a half, with a broken collar bone for fun...or you can always meet a hot & sexy NY'er,

cardiogirl said...

First, I like the new layout. I almost didn't recognize you in there! And you know I love the photo of the Converse up there. Tight.

I think the writing is on the wall for the Spaniard. I'm not hearing any redeeming factors and the Mailroom Boy is showing some serious effort.

Although the skinny as a rail thing would throw me. My husband was like that when we first met. A few months before our wedding he began to stress eat as I began to not eat due to stress.

So the inequity in our body weight sort of reversed itself. And I was happy about that. If anyone is going to be close to the rail in the relationship, it better be me.

My vote is for Mailroom Boy.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Go Mailroom Boy (pumping my fist)!
The date sounds like it was a lot of fun. I can't believe how well things are turning out! Spainard is like left overs past their date, a stomach ache waiting to happen.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Diva, I hear you but at the same time there is something about The Spaniard that does it for me....I am hard wired so wrong I know....

@Cardio, thx it only took a wk of random layouts before selecting this one. Mailroom Boy is obnoxiously skinny for his height...it is a bit perplexing he said that at one time the MD had him drinking Ensure...this is slightly disturbing as the only person I knew he drank Ensure was Pop-Pop when he got sick...

@La'Tonya, somehow I knew you were voting for him....I have so many mixed feelings about both of them really....if only I could combine them...

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