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Week In Review: Sometimes I Hate Business Travel, No More 12Hr Days and a Small Breakthrough

This is the actual stop where I cross over to catch the 1 to go to Rector Street.

When one of the many managers I answer to said that I was urgently needed in NYC on Friday (it was Wednesday afternoon) I already felt the travel imps playing banjo in my head. For those not familiar with the travel imps they are dastardly little half man half monkey creatures sort of like medieval cavemen that imply travel is not number one on my list of wants to do. And when they play the banjo well we know it’s bad in particular because I fancy the electric guitar. Now this could have something to do with riding the crimson wave which I’m brushing off even though the Best Friend said I’ve been rather bitchy lately. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle!

Mostly it interrupted my standing Friday hair appointment. Yes I have a standing hair appointment every two weeks with the absolute best hair dresser in the northeast, pardon me if I offended any DC folks with that comment and the Philly and Jersey folks can kick rocks. In the past I did the whole salon day on Saturday but I noticed besides waiting for hours (my stylist is always hella booked regardless) it monopolized a lot of my day. When I started this whole non relationship with the Spaniard given his religious obligations on Friday (he’s allegedly devotedly Muslim) I changed my then standing Saturday so we could spend time together. See Wander I am capable of compromise.

Unexpected advantage number one, I regained about 5 hrs on Saturday to do pretty much whatever I wanted. Unexpected advantage number two I no longer had to cart the Little Brother to and from his treatment every Saturday in order to make my appointment, this was a major plus. In particular because I allowed myself about 2 additional hours of sleep, however with the whole can you be in NYC on Friday (which really means drop everything and make it to NYC) I lost my standing Friday. Ms. Faith is not a happy grasshopper.

Side note I ended up riding the train with a rather handsome man from Wilmington. I have a thing for salt and pepper hair, shoot me. He was pleasant, of course married, the good ones always are. We talked about my job and his trips from Wilmington to NYC. Maybe I need to consider a move below the Mason Dixon to find a southern gentleman….although White Chocolate aka Traffic Court was southern…his drawl was sexy but my God issues…..excuse the non sequitur.

Hopefully this trip signifies the end of conference calls on Saturday and 12-14hr work days. Although being busy as a consultant is better than the beach (I hate the beach which in turn makes me cry for leaving claims sometimes…most times). God save me from the beach. So maybe I shouldn’t complain. (Let me de-consultantify that for you the beach means no client billable work instead you’re stuck endlessly in presentation creation and research (I might as well poke my eyeballs out with a jagged piece of glass)….it is not the grand vacation it implies by its name.)

Anywho, the train ride allowed me time to think (in between convo with Salt & Pepper). I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Maybe the change of scenery will lighten my mood. In a prior post I revealed that I date the same man in a different body. And it’s true. Everyone I’ve taken semi seriously (or as serious as I am capable of doing given my commitment issues) has been the same, Selfish, in his own way but selfish none the less!

Yup I narrowed it down, gold stars and a cartwheel for me (not really)! As I strove in all things to date someone who embodied everything The Man Wander Married didn’t I end up with the number one trait of his I hate, minus his drinking. Even Future Husband was selfish. Right down to the last morsel of the relationship it had to be about him (I’ll tell that story another day…maybe)

They say daughters marry their fathers….God I hope not I don’t think my sanity or heart could take it!

Side note: Sorry to end seemingly somber, I am not. With this realization I am given new energy, the rest of the summer should be interesting!

4 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

Wow! Hope things went well.

Hubby was salt and pepper when we met. He had grey hair as a child but his natural color is very dark. His hair is light grey now (almost 50). But, hey, at least he has hair!

cardiogirl said...

I don't know why, but I really enjoyed seeing your subway stop. Thanks!

I just love "kick rocks" and enjoyed seeing that and knowing what it meant. I am mumbling that under my breath to my kid when I send her to time out.

Isn't it awesome when writing a post opens up a revelation to you? I'm always floored when that happens for me, but they're so helpful.

And I loved "gold stars and a cartwheel for me." I just might have to borrow that.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, salt n pepper hair is hot bottom line I don't care what anyone says! And you're right the longer he keeps his hair the better...it's something about unintentional bald men that makes me sad.

@Cardio, I thought showing the subway stop was kinda cool, glad you appreicated it.

These days I think my eyes are wide open...hopefully I have been known to be stubborn and hardheaded.

Oh yeah and borrow away.

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