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The Infamous Lunch and The Friday Before the Summer Kickoff

Today was an interesting day not only did The Spaniard pop out of the woodwork and claim he was in yet another car accident (I know I know I should empathize but I just don’t believe him. This will be the third or fourth accident since January) my boss decided she wanted to go all balls to the wall hard at work on the day before the holiday. WTF???? I mean seriously of all days to decide that she wants to burn the wick at both ends this just aint’ the day. And I say that because I am still, yes still, suffering from insomnia.

In serious need of a calgon take me away moment, I continue to putter on. Not sure how much longer my body will function sans sleep but I intend to push her to the limit. I mean it’s the least she can do for me this being the summer kick-off weekend. Plans are tentatively made to go to the beach with The Spaniard, probably won’t happen, and take in a baseball game with Mailroom Boy. Double bookings, ah the loveliness that is single-hood....
Some might be saying, “Eres tan estúpida para no ir a España con el Spaniard. Or in English, you are so stupid for not going to Spain with the Spaniard however, given the total “formality” of the event (family weddings) and our total lack of a relationship I felt it only right. I mean I don’t want to be known as that gold digging hooker for years to come if we were ever to work out our kinks, very doubtful.

Oh see there I go again forgetting to update ya’ll. So the lunch….well it went. I tried to politely walk away, you know the mature thing where you say hey it’s not you it’s me and we can part ways and never speak or see each other again as a matter of fact why don’t you burn the items at your house and delete my number from your phone remain friends.

Maybe he could see my strike out, not sure but he just looked so pitiful. And under normal circumstances pitiful does nothing but gasp I do care about him………….I just don’t see how we work. With most folks I can see a future it might be far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar over the horizon but it is see-able. To say we are as different as night and day is ginormous understatement. Something as trivial as sports, he likes soccer and I am a football/basketball fanatic…we are like fitting a square peg in a circle. Granted it’s a small thing but it’s just the icecap on the mountain of incompatibility issues we have. Somehow he doesn’t see it. He just keeps saying he thinks I’m perfect.

Which brings me to another issue, don’t idolize me. Although on some days of the week I like to imagine the sun rises and sets on my ass it doesn’t and it makes me uncomfortable that he thinks like this. And for the last time stop with the friggin pet names in particular princessa….my name is Faith.

Is that me being mean again?

3 Pardon My French:

myundiary@gmail.com said...

No. You're not mean. You were born with your name. You have a right to be called what you want...lol

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