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Weekend Update:Insomnia, Mailroom Boy’s Hot and a Trip to the ER

OK OK I know I was supposed to give an update after the infamous lunch and I will but let’s do the weekend update first.

This was the first weekend in the past four that I didn’t make plans with Mailroom Boy. Not because I didn’t want to hang out with him but because he already had something planned, the boys were taking an all jock strap trip to Great Adventures. He did make up for this by asking if I wanted to go to the Mets game next Sunday. This will interfere with the bowling league however exceptions can be made.

If the Gnome from work wasn’t home bound due to a rather narsty cyst in her spine she’d be happy to hear that I am getting to know Mailroom Boy very well. Did I mention I met his daughter, very cute as kids go....

Most Friday nights I hang with Nurse and The Best Friend but Nurse Friend was still in Orlando on vacation with family and I didn’t feel much like running the streets anyway. I settled in for a relaxing night of sleep. Did I forget to mention that I’ve been plagued by insomnia lately. Luckily the sleep gods had me in queue because I was able to get some much needed rest. I’ve been running on pure adrenaline lately with client work dominating most of my waking hours not to mention issues with the Spaniard. I will talk about this in a later post.

Oh wait I failed to mention this 21 Jump Street update, no don’t be alarmed he’s not back on the island. Scrolling down my Facebook home page I notice this gem, “....Last time I started to fall for somebody they hit me with some b.s. at the last min.... A message to myself..."KEEP IT PIMPING” Am I so vain I probably think this FB status is about me? Could be wrong thinking I matter that much. I would also like to arrogantly point out his total lack of proper grammar. Hello it should read, Last time I started to fall for somebody she hit me with some bullshit. Yes I know it’s trivial but I can be petty and this kind of took me by surprise. By now, considering his situation I would assume I was out of his system. Again this could be me just being vain.

On a side note, does anyone else notice the truly personal nuggets people reveal on FB in their status. True some folks just post funny little tweet like messages but a lot of people reveal their inner workings.

Anywho Saturday turned into the day from hell. Granted I was well rested after turning in early on Friday night I was saddled with herding The Little Brother to the ER. Yes my last experience with the HUP ER wasn’t good when Male Nurse Friend was sick but this time I anticipated a speedy room assignment given my brothers health conditions. No such luck folks. After being there nearly 6 hrs he still wasn’t roomed yet. Final diagnosis, possible blood infection and he remains hospitalized at this time.

One my way home from the hospital while driving on the windiest street in Philadelphia, Lincoln Drive, at close to 3AM in the morning, why in God’s good name were there two random podunk bikers pedaling away. Not to mention there is no might I repeat no bike path on the Drive let alone barely enough room for two cars to safely navigate these freaks were just pissing along like no one’s business. In addition when I honked my horn to signal they might want to get out of the damn way before becoming one with the gravel they just stop all deer caught in the headlights-esque.

WTF stupid arse stoners!!!

Once I got home I wasn’t able to get to sleep. No big surprise there, no sleep is becoming my best friend. I dicked around in the eerie silent apartment, it was very barren without my brother’s ridonkulous outbursts during the night. It was pretty much the same routine for Sunday. The Spaniard offered to come with while visiting the Little Brother in the hospital. Since we are not together but together I told him that it wasn’t appropriate for him to meet and greet my familia during such a time. True a copout but we aren’t together. I followed Sunday night up with yet another round of Faith vs. The No Sleep Bandit. Again I lost the opening round. I did however get to sleep around 4:30ish only to wake to a blaring alarm at 5:45AM.

I wonder how tonight will play out.

3 Pardon My French:


It looks like you had a full sleep deprived weekend. I truly hope the little bro is ok, and gets well soon. Don’t let the Spainard stress you...not the time for that. I like how you are keeping your options open with mailroom boy. Maybe he’s just what the doctor ordered.

I know how the sleep gods can be, they’ve been playing with me for a few days. I beat them last night...

PS - 21 Jump Street is young/simple minded....

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Sooo you and Mailroom Boy, are getting pretty chummy! This may sound crazy, but try praying to fall asleep. I know... just hear me out. The devil really hates it when you pray, and will do anything to get you to stop, just start praying!

Chaotically Calm said...

@Diva, OMG I am not letting the Spaniard get me down....do you know all of a sudden this negro says his cousin's wedding is in Aug just in line with my scheduled vacation....things that make you go hmmmmm.

Mailroom Boy happens to be the shining light of the summer thus far and think I wasn't gonna give him a chance....ha ha.

@La'Tonya, it's it weird how the one you think you have the least in common with is the one you actually like/need.

The Best Friend said the same thing about praying...so I don't think you sound crazy....and it worked, last night I fell asleep on The Best Friend's floor. It was the best sleep I've had in weeks.


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