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Space....The Final Frontier

So yeah I know I haven't posted in a month of Sundays....been extremly busy with work and trying to work on this whole relationship ish with the Spaniard. I will post about it later but here's a post I wrote on 5-12-09 but never actually put it on the blog.

The Little Sister came home from UVM this past weekend. No surprise she’s already found a way to sleep on my couch. It seems mi casa es tu casa but that shit ain’t flying for too much longer and I refuse to allow her entrance in my bed. Not because I dislike her but because: 1. it’s my personal space and I like my personal space and 2. she’s a night mover who retains massive amounts of body heat.

Anywho we decided as part of her welcome back to Philthadelphia package we’d take in a flick. And yes that flick was Star Trek (I think it grossed close to 76M in the first weekend). I had a 15 year old teenage girl moment during the film. And no it wasn’t for the gent playing Captain Kirk, too cliché for my taste. You know how all the young fillies including the green woman had a thang for el capitan. I on the other hand heart Mr. Spock. Yes that bowl cut pointy eared non feeling freak that can calculate the probability of any situation in the blink of an eye is HOT!

And finally the inner geek surfaces! It’s not like I’m doing calculus in my spare time, don’t judge me this isn’t high school anymore.

Not to mention the Vulcan Grip! There’s something about a take charge kind of guy, meekness and sweet nothings are for those girls who enjoy ridonkulous romantic comedies and cry during Hallmark commercials. I am not, repeat am not one of those girls who fall for overly manicured metro-sexuals who primp longer than me. If the man whose arm I hold looks prettier than me he better damn well be my fantabulously dressed gay husband and not my frigging date.

Did I go off on a tangent, if you’re a regular you’re probably used to it and if not well lump it.

So seeing the movie got to me thinking, what if space travel was accessible like it was in the movie. I wonder if any little red people are on Mars just waiting for us humans to jack up their planet. If the news reports are right climate change is the biggest health crisis to man, with the earth heating up we run the risk of dying at an earlier age from exhaustion or some such nonsense I heard this morning. And just when I thought it was obesity I can go off and eat greasy turkey burgers (I don’t do beef – ha ha that’s crudely funny to me if you don’t get it insert your inner drunk college student and read it again).

But seriously what if while we’re down here spitting and shitting there’s some universe of other creatures doing the same thing. That trips me out on so many levels. Not that I actually believe in aliens because I don’t (yes yes I’m sure there’s a crop circle you want to show me but you know what I say to that, stop smoking crack) but I think it would be hella cool to one day teleport to Pluto wait Pluto’s no longer a planet OK, Saturn and talk to some Saturnian about I don’t know American Idol. Because of course on Saturn there’s nothing better to do than watch exported Earth television.

Much like being a vain American I’m an equally vain Earthling and have to assume that even other world folks are concerned with everyone’s favorite drug addict Paula Abdul.

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