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Far from me to come to bat for a pre-madonna beauty pageant strumpet but lately I’ve been in that Mother Theresa mood. Hey the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days too. Anywho the queen (and I mean queen in the homosexual sense of the word) of all things celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton got his pink briefs in a bunch when Miss CA said she feels marriage is between a man and a woman. As a result Miss CA was runner-up instead of crowned.

Honestly she should consider herself blessed really what happens to girls after winning these crown a pretty girl events, move on to trophy wives. I don’t know like I said I don’t follow these things because well they aren’t interesting/important.

Perez seriously great way to shuck her poor defenseless body under the big bad polarizing topic bus and in her defense Perez set her up since there was apparently only one “right” answer. If the reports are true Miss CA was in the lead and due to “tanking” the homo question she lost the battle, although, she might just win the war as an obvious social conservative.

Sarah Palin comes to mind I have no idea why, could we see a joint ticket Palin/Miss CA 2012?

On the Today Show Perez defended his position indicating that Miss USA/America contestants represent everyone in the states (is he serious this is the biggest load I’ve heard in a long time), they shouldn’t be polarizing or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Obviously this memo got lost in route to Miss CA. She was under the impression she was to tell the truth instead of bat her eyes and repeat world peace is like cotton candy everyone should have a taste (you know the normal dribble that spits out the mouths of mindless twits).

Kudos to Miss CA for sticking to principles and moving beyond the beauty pageant winner script and speak from her heart/head whatever. Granted I don’t share her opinion but I admire her commitment to who she is as a person. More people should learn this trait; the world ain’t about politically correct power. And she did preface her statement with the age old I don’t mean to offend anyone but. Of course someone was going to be offended as a result because that’s just the way it goes….no one can make everyone happy.

And not to blow the lid off this whole issue but news flash Perez everyone doesn’t agree with gay marriage. I know it’s blasphemous! But isn’t that obvious from the constitutional ban that CA imposed forbidding same sex couples to marry not to mention only four of the fifty have laws allowing it. Times are a changing but as you, Mr. Hilton, say Miss USA represents all Americans so maybe she’s actually more in-tuned with the populous than you.

If it were up to me people could marry whomever they want. If Americans believe in separation of church and state this shouldn’t even be a morality battle but one of sheer equality in front of the law. The reason why marriages are allowed tax breaks and all the other privileges that come with the title is because of the legality of the union not the ceremony in front of church and family. It’s the paperwork filed with the state that entitles folks to the goodies. In that case no two people of legal age should be disenfranchised. Who you bump uglies with really has nothing to do with it.

However, what irritates me about Perez Hilton’s reaction…if Miss CA would have lied and took his position or even straddle the fence like so many other wet noodles she probably would have won the crown. But is that what we stand for? Is that what we teach our children, that it’s better to make everyone feel happy even if what you say to them is an ass out lie?

OK today was truly a rant tomorrow back to shits and giggles.

3 Pardon My French:

myundiary@gmail.com said...

I thing that MISS CA was just saying how she truly feels. Perez needs to realize that there are still a lot of old fashion people that believe in old values. I think she would have did a whole lot better if she didn't sugar-coat it.

love said...

I think she did the right thing. Sacrificing your beliefs to please people makes it all fake. I like people who are real, even if others don't agree. I know Perez is all for the Gay Pride thing, but Perez does a lot of things for publicity, its how he makes his money.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Miss CA has got be smarter than Sarah Palin...right?


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